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Special Mysterious Stone Offer

Mysterious Stone CANNOT be used in ELDORADO.

[Sales Period]: 27/11/2018 (UTC) ~ 11/12/2018 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Mysterious Stone?

It’s a stone that RANDOMLY changes the option of Mastery Weapons and Sets.

How to use Mysterious Stone?

Drag & Drop the Stone on the items that you want change the options.
Mysterious Stone can be stored in vault, exchanged and sold to NPC.
Mysterious Stone can be only used on Mastery Weapon and Mastery Set.


- You can acquire a one of Mysterious Stone / 10,000 Ruud / 50,000 Ruud / 100,000 Ruud in the Mysterious Box.
- When you use Mysterious Stone to your item, Item option could remain the same or downgraded.

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Blessed Gold Box Offer

Get even more boost!

[Sales Period]: 27/11/2018 (UTC) ~ 11/12/2018 Before Maintenance (UTC)

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