2016/10/04(UTC) ~ 2016/11/01(UTC) Before Maintenance

Speed Event Server

  • * Speed Event Server is an event server, open for only 4 weeks.
  • * You can transfer your characters to the original servers for free, within a limited period.
  • (Speed Event Server → Helheim, Midgard, Titan, Asgard.)
  • * After your characters are transferred, you will get special items according to your character’s level.


1. You must purchase ‘Gold Channel Ticket’ to enter the Speed Event Server.
2. Additional EXP : Normal Level +433% / Master Level +300% (Gold Channel effect applied)
3. Item drop rate increases +900%.
4. 1 Billion Zen will be provided automatically in your inventory when you make a new character in the speed event server.
5. Increased quest item drop rate for class upgrade.
6. You can create any 1st and 2nd class characters (There is no condition for creating 2nd class characters).
7. Monster respawn time reduce.
8. Bless of Light can be overlapped up to 10 times and automatic usage is possible according to the setting on ‘Z’ window.
9. Can access to X-shop at hunting field.

* Character Transfer is available after Speed Event Server closure 2016/11/01(UTC)
- When you transfer your character to original servers, all items will be deleted. However, you will get special items according to the character level you achieved at the Speed Event Server. Please refer to ‘Open Event’ tab – ‘Higher Level, Better Reward’
- Ruud, Muun, Buff items purchased by Wcoin will keep its effect after character transfer.
- Equipment/Consumable/Lucky items will be deleted.
- Bless of Light(Greater) is tradable.
* Maximum level you can achieve in the Speed Event Server is 600.

2016/10/04(UTC) ~ 2016/11/01(UTC) Before Maintenance

Open Event 1

Higher Level, Better Reward

*Event context: After character transfer to original servers, you will get the listed items below according to character’s level raised in Speed Event Server.









Please NOTE
How to claim Reward: Items will be provided automatically after character transfer to original servers.

This event is only for Speed Event Server.
Reward items will be automatically given to transferred character.
Reward items will be bound to the character(Unable to sell/discard/reinforce).
Level 1~199: Free character transfer + Pentagram for Beginner, Seal of Ascension2 (14days)
Level 200~379 : Free character transfer + 100 million Zen, Pentagram for Beginner, Seal of Ascension2 (14 days)

Character Transfer is available after Speed Event Server closure 2016/11/01(UTC)

Open Event 2

Free Character Transfer

Get Character Transfer Coupon for free during the event period.

  • Speed Event Server
    Transfer Coupon
How to buy a coupon?
1) Go to MU official webshop or In-game X shop.
2) Go to ‘Speed Event Server’ category.
3) Buy “[Event] Speed Event Server Transfer coupon”
How to use Character Transfer Coupon
1) Go to MU Online official webshop.
2) Claim the [Speed] Server Transfer Coupon under MU premium Coupons Category.

* Please Note:
1. Speed Event Server Transfer Coupon can only be used in Speed Event Server.
2. FREE [EVENT] Speed Event Server Transfer Coupon can only be purchased once per account. (You can buy more coupon at in-game shop, webshop)
3. You can transfer your character to any original server.
[Speed Event Server to Helheim / Midgard / Titan / Asgard]
4. [EVENT] Speed Event Server Transfer Coupon will be deleted on 2016/11/08(UTC) Maintenance.
5. All items you obtain while playing in the Speed Event Server will be deleted after character transfer. (Except Ruud/Muun/Buff being used)
6. This schedule is subject to change.

* Please be extra careful when you transfer your character. Used coupon can’t be restored in any case.

2016/10/04(UTC) ~ 2016/10/25(UTC) Before Maintenance

Open Event 3

Who will reign over the Speed Event Server?

*The Best 3 rankers during the event period will receive Ruud + Ancient Hero’s Souls.
* Official Rank Announcement: 2016/10/27(UTC)

    • Character: Buffer
    • Level: 600
    • EXP: 23992397845
    • Character: EvilSpeed
    • Level: 600
    • EXP: 24210500928
    • Character: BloodOne
    • Level: 600
    • EXP: 23978530295

Latest Update date : 2016/10/26 08:00

Rank will be updated everyday.

Rank Character Name Level EXP
4 AquileS 600 23295740631
5 Vastolorde 600 23289927838
6 1Hit1Kill 600 22837802863
7 FumoN 600 22837802863
8 Hachi 600 22837802863
9 Rocco 600 22837802863
10 Miracle 600 22837802863

Ranking Reward


  • 1500 Ruud
  • Ancient Hero's Soul 3EA


  • 1000 Ruud
  • Ancient Hero's Soul 2EA


  • 500 Ruud
  • Ancient Hero's Soul 1EA


  • 300 Ruud

*Please Note
1. This character rank event is only for the Speed Event Server.
2. You can’t receive the reward if you transfer your character to original servers before [Who will reign over the Speed Event Server?] event ends.
3. Rankings will be updated in everyday until 2016/10/25(UTC) Maintenance. Rank result will be shown until 2016/11/08(UTC) before maintenance.
4. Rankings will be determined according to the level. If the maximum level is achieved, the first one who reached the maximum level will have higher rank.
5. Rankings can be deleted if abnormal or abusive gameplay is detected.
6. There could be a lag in Ranking Find feature during Ranking data refresh.
7. Schedule is subject to be change.

Reward Distribution : 2016/11/10(UTC)

Open Event 4

Reach 500 Level, Get Special package!

* Event context : Special package will be provided for New & Returning Players who reached above 500 level at Speed Event Server.

Speed-Special Package


The following players will get the Special Package.
1) New Players
- Newly joined MU Online during Speed Event Server period 2016/10/04(UTC)~2016/10/31(UTC).
2) Returning Players
- Last login record was between 2014/09/01(UTC) and 2016/05/01(UTC).
- No login record between 2016/05/02(UTC) and 2016/10/03(UTC).
3) Players leveled up the character up until level 500 or above at Speed Event Server, and transferred the character to any of the original servers.
Please NOTE
This event is only applied for the Speed Event Server.
Only the players that meet the conditions under ‘New Player and Returning Player’ will receive the package.
Only the players with character transfer record from Speed Event Server to an original server (Helheim, Midgard, Titan, or Asgard) will receive the package.
Special Package will stay in your inbox until 2016/12/26(UTC). Unused items will be deleted on 2016/12/27(UTC) Maintenance.

Beginner's Guide

Hello Mutizens!

As you are new or come back after a while, we would like to provide you useful guides below.
Please be informed referring to the links below and make the most of your chance in Speed Event Server!
Besides, there will be an SNS event at Facebook. Don’t miss the chance to get the Reward from SNS event.

Sales Period : 2016/10/04(UTC) ~ 2016/11/01(UTC) Before maintenance

Special Promotions

Fastest growth! Powerful Equipment!

Available ONLY at Speed Event Server.

(Normal) All-in-one package


1,190 Wcoin

(Master) All-in-one package


2,990 Wcoin

SPEED– +11 Divine Weapon of Archangel 7days


890 Wcoin(7days)

SPEED-Bloodangel Helm


100 Wcoin

SPEED-Bloodangel Armor


100 Wcoin

SPEED-Bloodangel Pants


100 Wcoin

SPEED-Bloodangel Gloves


100 Wcoin

SPEED-Bloodangel Boots


100 Wcoin

SPEED – Dark Transformation Ring 7days

590 Wcion(7days)

SPEED – Wings of Angel and Devil

110 Wcoin(1day)
550 Wcoin(7day)

SPEED – Wings of Conqueror

120 Wcoin(1day)
590 Wcoin(7day)

Bless of Light(Greater)

400 Wcoin(10+2EA)

* For Divine Weapon of Archangel, you will receive a box in your inventory after you purchase the item. Throw it on the ground to get the weapon item according to your character class.
- When Magic Gladiator throws a box, either Sword or Staff will be dropped according to the Strength/Energy stats at the time.
E.g.) If your character has Strength 100 / Energy 50 at the time you throw the Divine Sword of Archangel Box, you will get Divine Sword of Archangel item.
- Please make sure to level up your character to level 100-150 in order to equip the Divine Weapon. Item’s expiration will not be extended or recovered even if you use the item prior to achieving the character level.
- Rage Figther and Grow Lancer characters will get +11 BloodAngel Weapon [6 options].
- Divine Weapons and Wings with expiration dates cannot be reinforced.

* Please Note:
1. This promotion is only for the Speed Event Server. You can use the purchased items only at the Speed Event Server.
2. Go to MU Online official website or in-game Xshop – Normal – Speed Event Server category to purchase the items.
3. Equipment/Consumable/Lucky items in your character’s inventory will be deleted after character transfer to any original server.
Please make sure to purchase and use items based on the Speed Server operation.
- Ruud, Muun, Buff will be kept after character transfer.
- Items to be deleted : Bloodangel Helm/Armor/Pants/Gloves/Boots Box, Wings of Conqueror, Wings of Angel and Devil, Dark Transformation Ring, Divine Weapon Box others.