MU online Basic Guide

Guide for level 1~150

  • Hunting Area Noria, Lorencia, Elveland and Shadow Phantom quest
  • Hunting Area Elveland 1,2 / Debias, Dungeon, Lost Tower
  • Hunting Area Elveland 2,3 / Lost Tower 2~5, Dungeon 3 / Atlas 2~3
  • Hunting Area Elveland 3 / Lost Tower 6~7 Atlas 2~3 / Tarkan
  • MU Helper
  • Teleport by pressing “M”
  • Shadow Phantom quest at level 40
  • Join Gens at level 50
  • Level 80 Shadow Phantom Quest Support Equipment
  • Level 91 Complete Shadow Phantom quest for weapons and armor
  • Advance to 2nd tier class at level 150
01.Toggle map by pressing “TAB.”

Pressing “TAB” key allows you to toggle map

02.Check the price of your first pieces of gear

There are NPCs selling gear with skills in each town Purchasing gear you can equip is the 1st goal.

Check the price of your gear and go to hunt monsters

03.Talk to Shadow Phantom Soldier, located at the entrance of town

You can get quests from Shadow Phantom Soldier, and even a powerful buff.

You will be able to hunt much faster with a buff.

04.Talk to Shadow Phantom Soldier, located at the entrance of town

Open your inventory by pressing the “I” key.

You have a beginner’s pentagram box in your inventory.

Drop the box on the ground to get a pentagram.

Equipping pentagram will grant you elemental damage

05.Hunt spiders.

Start hunting spiders after you get a quest related to spider hunting.

The quest window at the bottom right of the screen helps you to track your quests.

06.Hunting gets easier when you use MU Helper.

Press “Z” key to open MU Helper.

MU Helper allows your character to hunt automatically.

Set up the MU Helper, close the window and activate it by pressing the “Home” key.

More details about MU Helper
07.Purchase weapons

Purchase weapons from NPCs

  • Elveland Rhea (30,236)
  • Noria Craftsman (195,123)
  • Lorencia Hanzo (116,140)

Some NPCs do not sell weapons with skill.

Some skills must be purchased.

08.Press “M” key to teleport

A list of places you can teleport to pops up when you press “M.”Teleport to the proper place according to your level, to hunt.

09.Must-do quests at level 40 and 80

At level 40 and 80, Shadow Phantom Soldier gives you quests with rewards of valuable rings.

By dropping Ring of Soldier at level 40, and Ring of Warrior at level 80 you can acquire useful items.

(This is not applicable to Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord, Rage Fighter, & Grow Lancer)

More details about The quests
10.Join Gens at level 50

You can join Gens. NPCs for Gens are located in Lorencia and Noria.

You can choose between two Gens, Vanert and Duprian.

Once you join a Gens, the initial of your Gens will be displayed above your character.

Joining and leaving Gens is free, and you can also chat within your Gens.

11.Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Elf, and Summoner can get items corresponding to their level from Shadow Phantom Soldier.

Your level must correspond to the level that a quest requires, otherwise you cannot do the quest.

One of items on the list will be given according to your class.

Level Quest Rewards
91 ~ 100 +8 Gloves (Dragon, Legendary, Guardian, Redwing)
101 ~ 110 +8 Boots (Dragon, Legendary, Guardian, Redwing)
111 ~ 120 +8 Helm (Dragon, Legendary, Guardian, Redwing)
121 ~ 130 +8 Pants (Dragon, Legendary, Guardian, Redwing)
131 ~ 140 +8 Armor (Dragon, Legendary, Guardian, Redwing)
141 ~ 160 +8 Weapon (Double Blade 2EA [Skill], Bluewing Crossbow [Skill], Redwing Stick)
+7 Weapon (Legendary Staff)
161 ~ 165 +7 Gloves (Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Ancient)
166 ~ 170 +7 Boots (Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Ancient)
171 ~ 179 +7 Helm, Pants (Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Ancient)
180 ~ 185 +7 Armor (Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Ancient)
+4 Chaos Dragon Axe 4 options (material for 1st level wing) – Common reward
186 ~ 189 +8 Gloves (Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Ancient)[/*]
190 ~ 193 +8 Boots (Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Ancient)
194 ~ 197 +8 Helm (Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Ancient)
198 ~ 201 +8 Pants (Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Ancient)
202 ~ 205 +8 Armor (Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Ancient)
206 ~ 209 +7 Weapon (Crystalsword [Skill], Aquagold Crossbow [skill], Redwing Stick)
+8 Weapon (Legendary Staff)
12.Advance to 2nd tier class at level 150 to unlock Rage fighter

Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Elf, and Summoner can advance to 2nd tier class at level 150 after completing a quest.

  • Dark Knight>Blade Knight
  • Dark Wizard>Soul Master Elf
  • Muse Elf>Summoner
  • Bloody>Summoner

Quest NPC: Sevina in Debias (182,32)

More details about Quests More details about 1st class changes quest
- Recommended hunting areas
Level Area
0 ~30 Lorencia, Noria, Elveland
30 ~60 Elveland 1~2, Debias, Dungeon, Lost Tower
60 ~120 Elveland 2~3, Lost Tower 2~5, Dungeon 3, Atlas 1~2
120 ~150 Elveland 3, Lost tower 6~7, Atlas 2~3, Tarkan

Areas above are the most popular areas for hunting.

Press “M” to teleport