MU online Basic Guide

Guide for level 180~380

  • Recommended hunting areas Tarkan 1, Atlas, Lost tower 7, Aida
  • Recommended hunting areas Kanturu1, Vulcanus, Aida
  • Recommended hunting areas Kanturu 2, Icarus, Aida 2
  • Open Command Window
  • Creating 1st level wing for level 180
  • 2nd tier class at level 220
  • 3rd tier class change at level 380
01.Open command window

You can see all the menus such as guild, trade, party, etc. by simply pressing “D.”

02.Create 1st level wing

Once you reach level 180, you can equip a 1st level wing.

A wing is the most important item in MU, since it has “damage absorption” and “increases damage” as options.

You can create the wing by combining +4 chaos weapon, +4 of any item, and Jewel of Chaos through the Chaos Goblin at Noria (180, 102) Only Dark Knight, Elf, Summoner, Dark Wizard, and Magic Gladiator can equip 1st level wing.

More details about Creating 1st level wing
03.Upgrade your weapon

Upgrade your weapon by using Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul and Jewel of Chaos.

Drag & drop a jewel onto your weapon to upgrade it.

Hunt stronger monsters more easily with upgraded items.

(But make sure to check the requirements of items before you upgrade them.)

More details about Upgrading weapon
04.Create 2nd level wing

You can equip a 2nd level wing once you reach level 215.

Create 2nd level wing by upgrading 1st level wing.

Hunting gets a lot easier when you are equipped with stronger wings.

Growlancer, Dark Lord and Rage Fighter can equip 2nd level wing at level 180.

More details about Creating 2nd level wing
05.Blade Knight, Soul Master, Muse Elf, and Bloody Summoner can advance to the next tier class.

Once you advance to the 2nd tier class, you get 6 points every time you level up.

In addition, Blade Knight learns combo skill mastery, and Grow Lancer learns circle shield skill.

More details about 2nd tier class
06.Unlock new classes.

Once any of your characters reach a certain level, you can unlock new classes.

These new classes get more points when they level up, so you can have even more fun.

More details about New classes
Magic Gladiator Requires a character with level 220
Dark Lord Requires a character with level 250
Rage Fighter Requires a character with level 150
Grow Lancer Requires a character with level 200

Characters transferred from another server won’t count.

07.First quest to advance to 3rd tier class starts at level 380

Once you reach level 400 you can’t gain any more EXP, thus we recommend that you start the first quest to advance to 3rd tier class.

You get additional points when you finish the quest.

More details about 3rd tier class change
- Recommended hunting areas
Level bracket Hunting areas
Level 180 ~ 220 Tarkan 1, Atlas, Lost Tower 7
Level 220 ~ 300 Lost Tower 7, Tarkan 2, Aida
Level 300 ~ 350 Kanturu 2, Ikarus, Archeron, Aida, Vulcanus

The areas recommended are popular areas for hunting

Spirit Map is required to enter Archeron.

You need to join Gens to enter Vulanus

You can teleport by pressing "M."