01.Advance to 3rd tier class to unlock master skill tree.

Advancement to 3rd tier class unlocks master skill tree, and makes master skill available once points are added.

To start the quest for 3rd tier class, visit Apostle Devin at Crywolf (228,48)

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- Crywolf location:

1. Move to east from Lorencia

2. Proceed further east when you get to Valley of Loren

3. Glowing area with a purple beam is the entrance of Crywolf

02.Create 3rd level wing.

After advancement to the 3rd tier class at level 400, you can equip a 3rd level wing.

Create a 3rd level wing by combining Feather of Condor and various other materials.

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03.Play various “event maps.”

There are various kinds of “event maps” in MU.

Press “M” and teleport to event maps on time.

  • - Be the last man standing in Chaos Castle.
  • - Survive the monster onslaught in Devil Square.
  • - Get your hands on Archangel weapons in Blood Castle.

Enjoy the many event maps

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