[Notice] Regarding Mysterious Stone Free Reinforcement Event



We hope Mutizens have obtained desired options with your bloodangel mastery weapon during the event!

As we mentioned in the event notice (LINK), for users who successfully met the condition of '+13+15 Free Reinforcement Event' will get what you waited for.

**Please note
1. The event is only for the items changed using 'Mysterious Stone' before 2017/01/03 Maintenance.
2. You must possess the items at the same account that is checked during 2017/01/03 Maintenance before your item get upgraded.
3. If you move the item to another character, free reinforcement won't be applied.
4. No matter the item reinforced status, the final outcome will be either +15 or +13 if you mee the conditions.

Account and character that are possessing BloodAngel items are checked.

For the users who are eligible to the free reinforcement: Item Reinforcement will be completed before 2017/01/10.

If you haven't received reinforced BloodAngel items after 2017/01/10, please send us a ticket.
Send a CS Ticket here

Thank you,
MU Support Team 

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