Pre-register Event celebrating MU Online Season X Part 3


Part 3 of Season X will be updated on upcoming September!

You will be able to become stronger with improved elemental & upgrade system.
We have prepared a Pre-register Event for new users before the big update.

[Update Sneak Peek]
  • Skill Imprint
  • Elemental Refinement
  • Errtel of Radiance - The fifth Errtel, Errtel of Radiance
  • Extending Periodic Items
  • Disassemble System 

[Event Period]
August 28 ~ August 31, 2015 (23:59 UTC)

[Event Details]

Mission: Make your first MU character during the event period (for new users only)

Reward: All in One Starter Package

  • Gold Channel Ticket (15days)
  • Seal of Healing (15days)
  • Scroll of Protection(15Days)
  • Scroll of Quickness(15Days)
  • Scroll of Wrath (15Days)
  • Scroll of Battle(15Days)
  • Scroll of Strengthener (15Days)
  • Golden Oak Charm(15Days)
  • Figurine of Antelope(15Days)
Event Rewards will be distributed during maintenance hours on September 1, 2015.

Thank you 
MU Support Team  

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