[Event] St. Patrick's Day PROMOTION!


St.Patrick's Day Promotion

Event Period: 2017/03/14 (After maintenance) ~ 03/28 (Before maintenance) UTC

Greetings Mutizens, Did you guys know that St. Patrick’s Day will be held on March 17? Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in MUTZIEN WAY!

St. Patrick Special RETURNS Find the GM
  • Forget-me-not Sales!!

    NOW OR NEVER!! Scroll of Sealed Gray Oblivion is on sale for the first time in MU Realm! This scroll will be the best way to make your character stronger!!

    2017/03/14 After maintenance ~ 2017/03/21 Before Maintenance (UTC)

    Scroll of Sealed Gray Oblivion : 3,900Wcoin sales 1,950Wcoin 50%down

    Expand your Vault!!

    Have too much stuff in your bag and your vault is out of space? Then! this must be the most awaited sales for Mutizens!

    2017/03/24 After maintenance ~ 2017/03/26 Before Maintenance (UTC)

    Vault Expansion Certificate : 2,490Wcoin sales 1,990Wcoin, Magic Backpack x 2 EA : 1,380Wcoin sales 990Wcoin
  • 1+1 Random Ruud BOX

    Random Ruud Box has returned! Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with shiny Ruuds!

    2017/03/14 After maintenance ~ 2017/03/21 Before Maintenance (UTC)

    You will get  TWO RANDOM ITEMS  for the list below: Mastery Reward Chest(1000), Mastery Reward Chest(500), Mastery Box (Greater), Mastery Box (Standard), Mastery Box (Minor)


    Blacksmith’s Anvil

    Long time no See! Unlike other Capsule Box, we guarantee that you will get 3 kinds of Talisman and more!

    2017/03/21 After maintenance ~ 2017/03/28 Before Maintenance (UTC)

    100% chances for 3 Talisman!

    You will get 3 kinds of Talisman  (Luck, Protection and Guardian) +  ONE RANDOM ITEM  for the list below: Talisman of Chaos Assembly, Unique weapon box, Unique accessory box, Goblin point 300, Rare Item Ticket 2, Rare Item Ticket 4, Rare Item Ticket 8, Rare Item Ticket 9, Rare Item Ticket 10

    ONLY 390Wcoin
  • Find the GM

    It’s been a long time since Mutizens encountered our special GM.It’s time to play another hide-and-seek with GM!

    2017/03/17 (UTC)

    How to participate?
    1. 1. Log into the game during your server’s specified event time.
    2. 2. Find the GM Character on Server “?”.
    3. 3. Hints will be posted over the server to help you find the GM Character, during the event.
    4. 4. Trade with the GM Character immediately to receive your reward*

    *please remember, you cannot trade while your character’s personal store is open. *GM will only accept trade requests; GM will not send a request to trade (min. req. lvl 6).

    Be the first person to find the GM Character, and win a special present! Up to 10 reward packs will be given away, per realm.

    1. 1. The GM’s location will change every time it is found, or every 10 minutes (whichever happens first).
    2. 2. Only one person will receive a reward, per location
    3. 3. A maximum of 10 rewards will be given away, including the special rewards.
    4. 4. Each person will only be allowed to win one prize, to make it fair for everyone else.
    5. 5. Cheating may get you blacklisted from future in-game events hosted by EVMizakit.
    6. 6. Hints will be posted over the server to help you find the GM character, during the event.
    7. 7. The first 5 players to find the GM character will receive an item from the Special Rewards list. The last five players will only receive the items from the Normal Reward list.
    EVENT TIMES & REWARDS? Coming SOON ! Keep your eyes on Event Notice Everyday!

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