[Event] Fashion Competition! (6.17~6.24 UTC)



It is time to dig up and sort through those old armor pieces at the bottom of your vault!
Wear the most fashionable and impressive gear to join the coolest Fashion Competition ever seen!
Compete against other players for the title of the Emperor of MU Fashion!

Event Period : 2017/06/17  ~ 2017/06/24 23:59 (UTC)

How To Participate
1. Log into the game.

2. Equip cool items that will impress the GM.

3. Take a screenshot of your character.

4. Edit the image to add cool effects (if desired; it is not required).

5. Upload the image.

6. Post the image or image link within the official forum topic using the following format:

  • [server name][in-game name]
  • [image / link here]



1. The image must display your in-game character’s name (toggled via Options UI).

2. Only one submission allowed per person.

3. If a single person makes multiple submissions with different accounts, all characters of the respective person will be disqualified from the event.

4. Please use the following format in your entry:

  • [server name][in-game name]
  • [image / link here]

5. Approved submissions will be edited by adding “[APPROVED]” as a heading to the submission.

6. Disqualified submissions will have the entire post’s content replaced by  “[DISQUALIFIED].”

7. If a player’s submission is [DISQUALIFIED], the player may make another submission after their original submission was reviewed.

8. Do not edit a submission after being reviewed and edited by the Host.

9. All submissions and the submission’s media must be made during the event period.

10. Submissions posted outside Forum Topic will not be considered.

11. All content must follow the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy:



Emperor of Fashion (1st place)

  • Gold Channel Ticket (14Days)
  • Jewel of Bless (x30)


King of Fashion & Queen of Fashion (2nd & 3rd place)

  • Gold Channel Ticket (7Days)
  • Jewel of Bless (x10)


Princes of Fashion & Princesses of Fashion (4th ~ 8th place)

  • Gold Channel Ticket (3Days)


Lucky Winner

One randomly selected qualifying submission will win:

  • Jewel of Life (x30)


(*character’s gender will not determine your ranking! :P)


Additional Information

1. This is an official MU Online 3rd-party event, hosted by MU Online Fanz.

2. Winners are ultimately determined at the Host’s discretion, during the event period.

3. There is absolutely no entitlement to a prize by participating in this event.

4. A list of winners will be posted to this forum topic after the event has ended.

5. All rewards will be distributed (by WEBZEN staff) after the event period, by 06/30/2017 (23:59 UTC).


Thank You
MU Support Team

Your Time