[Event] 1+1 Chaos Card Sales!



Chaos Card is on sale for limited time for Mutizens.

At this time, we've also prepared Chaos Card for Vanahiem.

Enjoy 1+1 Chaos Card event with a New Chaos Card!

[Sales Period] : 2017/06/28 11:00 ~ 2017/07/04 Before Maintenance (UTC)

*You can buy 1+1 Chaos Card W & R & S for this period !!

1+1 Chaos Card W >> 790 Wcoin

1+1 Chaos Card R >> 890 Wcoin

1+1 Chaos Card S >> 1,190 Wcoin

** Please Note
If you get Rare Item Tickets in Vanaheim, New prize list will be applied compare to other servers. 
(Click HERE to check Item Exchange List for Vanaheim)

Go to Shop 1+1 Chaos Card!!

Thank You
MU Support Team 

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