[EVENT] The Golden Force (10.6 UTC)


ATTENTION – ATTENTION – MU Online Fanz has reported seeing a massive invasion of Golden Monsters, heading toward Lorencia!

Kundun is at it again, using evil magic to summon fearsome monsters! Shadow Phantom Soldiers and Guards won’t be able to slay these monsters alone.
For the sake of Lorencia, help fight off the army during the Oct 6, 2017!

** Event Schedule


  • [Oct 6] @16:00 ~ 16:30 (UTC)


  • [Oct 6] @16:40 ~ 17:10 (UTC)


  • [Oct 6] @17:20 ~ 17:50 (UTC)


  • [Oct 6] @18:00 ~ 18:30 (UTC)


  • [Oct 6] @18:40 ~ 19:10 (UTC)

** How To Participate

1. Log into the game during the Oct 6, 2017.

2. Access Server 8, and travel to the Lorencia map.

3. Wait for the GMIzakit to start the event. GMIzakit will make notice when the event starts, via [System Message].

4. Once the event starts, Golden Monsters will appear around the north and south entrances of Lorencia Safe-zone!

5. Find and kill any Golden Monsters.

** Rules

1. The following Golden Monsters may be summoned:

  • Golden Titan

  • Golden Tantolos

  • Golden Erohim

  • Golden Hell Maine

  • Golden Kundun

2. The monsters will only be summoned in Server 8.

3. The monsters will be summoned for 30 minutes, at the GMIzakit’s discretion.

4. The monsters may disappear after a long period of time.

5. Items dropped from killing a monster may become able to be picked up by anyone, after a period of time.

** Tips from GM

1. Characters under Level 200 should use extreme caution while exploring the Lorencia map, during the event period.

2. A minimum character level of Level 400 is recommended for the best event experience.

3. It is suggested to create a party with other players. Try using the [Matching] feature to find other players to participate with.

4. If a party of 3 or more characters kills Golden Kundun, up to 3 Wings of Devil & Angel can drop from one monster.

5. If [Golden Kundun] is summoned, the GMIzakit will announce the location via [System Message].

6. Items dropped from killing a monster is prioritized to the player/party whom dealt the final damage.

7. Information about how EXP is shared:

8. Information about the items dropped by [Golden Colossus] monsters:

9. This is an official MU Online 3rd-party event, hosted by MU Online Fanz.

10. There is absolutely no entitlement to a prize by participating in this event.

11. The event will be recorded and publicly posted after the event has concluded.

Thank You
MU Support Team 

Your Time