[Event] EXP BOOOOST Event & Sales!! (10.10~10.17 UTC)


It's time to BOOOOOST your character!

PLUS! there will be another sales for this time, which will make your character more *Brilliant*

[Event & Sales Period] 2017/10/10 After Maintenance ~ 2017/10/17 Before Maintenance (UTC)

1) EXP 30% Event

With extra  30% EXP, level UP your character faster!

**Please Note
30% Additional EXP Event will be applied to ALL Servers. (Helheim/Midgard/Titan/Asgard/Vanaheim).

2) Brilliant BOX Sales!

With *Brilliant* BOX, your characters will get more EXP in Gold Channel!

You will get this item for 100%:

- Gold Channel Ticket(1Day) 
You will get ONE of these items RANDOMLY:

- Bless of Light(Greater) X2
- Bless of Light(Greater) X5
- Bless of Light(Greater) X7
- Bless of Light(Greater) X10
- Gold Channel Ticket (3Days)
- Gold Channel Ticket (7Days)
- Brown Panda Ring (1Day)
- Brown Panda Ring (3Days)
- Brown Panda Ring (7Days)

NOW ONLY 160 Wcoin!

Go to Shop 'Brilliant BOX'!

Thank You
MU Support Team 

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