[Event] Double the MU, double the fun! MU Ignition Launch Celebration Event (23/01/2018~06/02/2018 UTC)


Dear MUtizen,


MU Ignition and MU Online/MU Legend have teamed up! 
Play both MU Ignition and MU Online or MU Legend and get special rewards on both games!

[Event Period]: 23/01/2018 After Maintenance ~ 06/02/2018 Before Maintenance (UTC)

**How to participate
1. Play MU Ignition AND MU Online/MU Legend during the event period. You can choose either MU Online or MU Legend to participate, but you MUST play MU Ignition.
2. Level up your characters to meet the requirements. (If you already meet the requirements in MU Online or MU Legend, simply level up in MU Ignition!)
3. You will receive the reward after the scheduled maintenance on February 20th, 2018 (UTC).


Game Level Requirements Rewards
MU Ignition 100

Bound Gem x100

Zen x20000000

Jewel of Bless x10

Jewel of Life x5

MU Online 100

[Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) x 5

[Normal] Scroll Package (3Days)

Seal of Healing (3Days)

MU Legend Soul Lv. 50

7 day Platinum Service Ticket

Constellation Wings (7 days)

Holy Recovery Potions Large x10

Resurrection Stone of Life x10

**Please note
1. You can receive only one code for each game per account, no matter how many characters satisfying the requirement you have.
2. The code will be redeemable until March 20th, 2018 (UTC).
3. To receive the redeem code, please set Accept Newsletters in MY ACCOUNT > My Profile section.

4. To receive MU Online & MU Ignition reward, you should meet BOTH conditions below:
- Boost your level up to 100 in MU Online.
- Boost your level up to 100 in MU Ignition.

Thank You
MU Support Team


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