[Event] Your First Box in Speed 3 Sales (14/03/2018~18/03/2018 UTC)



Finally Speed Event Server 3 is now OPEN!
Have you recieved free Gold Channel Ticket in Variety Attendance event?

Please click the banner to receive free Gold Channel Ticket!

For those who doesn't know which package to choose, 
we have prepared your First Box!

[Sales Period]: 14/03/2018 03:00 ~ 18/03/2018 23:59 (UTC)

First Box in Speed3

[Bound]Bless of Light(Greater)X10

Pet Skeleton(3Days)

Seal of Healing(3Days)

Gold Channel Ticket(2Days)
 ONLY 450 Wcoin!

**Please Note
1. You can purchase 'First Box in Speed3' both in Webshop/In-game shop.
   - Webshop: Special Event > Packages 
   - In-game Shop:  Speed > Special
2. You can purchase the package ONLY ONCE per account.
3. Items are all applicable to both normal level and master Level.
4. Unused items will be deleted after Speed Event Server 3 is closed.


Thank You
MU Suppor Team 

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