[Event] Find the GM Event (11/04/2018 UTC)



A GM Character will be hiding in [Server 7] with special reward packages to give away! 
It is a fun game of hide-and-seek! Find the GM first, during the event schedule, and win great rewards!

The first 5 players to Find the GM will win an item from the [Special Rewards] list! 
A total of 10 reward packages will be given away, per realm.

[How To Participate]

1. Log into the game during the [Event Schedule].

2. Find the GM Character named [EVMizakit], on [Server 7].

3. Hints will be posted via Server Message to help you find the GM Character, during the event. (In-game, gold client text)

4. Trade the GM Character immediately to receive a reward. (The GM will not send a request to trade!)

[Event Schedule]


  • April 11 @14:00 (UTC)


  • April 11 @14:40 (UTC)


  • April 11 @15:20 (UTC)
  • April 11 @16:00 (UTC)

[Special Rewards]

The following items will be rewarded first, at random. Once these rewards have all been distributed, 
the [Normal Reward] package will be distributed to winners.

All Special Rewards will also include [GM Gift] x1.

  • Jewel of Life (x60)

  • Jewel of Bless (x90)

  • Zen (x800,000,000)

  • Errtel of Anger (Darkness) [Rank2 +3] [Rank1 +7] 

  • Seed Sphere (Earth) [Level 6] (Increase Stamina Stat)

[Normal Rewards]

After all of the special rewards have been distributed, this following reward package will be distributed:

  • Jewel of Bless (x10)

  • GM Gift (x1)

[Official Rules]

1. The GM’s location will change every time it is found, or every 10 minutes (whichever happens first).

2. Only one character will receive a reward, per location.

3. A maximum of 10 rewards will be given away, including the special rewards.

4. A single person will only be allowed to win one prize. If a person uses multiple characters to claim multiple rewards, during the event period, it is considered cheating.

5. By sending a trade request to the GM Character, you are making a submission to claim a reward.

  • Only the first character to send a Trade Request will be accepted as the winner.

  • Trade Request cannot be sent while a character’s personal store is open.

  • GM character will only accept trade requests (req. lvl 6).

  • GM character will not send a request to trade, unless some issue occurs, such as a winning player dying while claiming a reward.

  • If the GM Character is already in a Trade Window, all trade requests will be Cancelled automatically.

6. Hints related to the GM Character location will be posted over the server, via System Message (in-game, gold client text). The hints will only appear on [Server 7]!

7. Cheating may get all of your character blacklisted from future in-game events hosted by MU Online Fanz
    This includes using multiple characters to claim more than one prize! Suspected abusers will be reported to GM for investigation and any necessary disciplinary action.

8. The first 5 distributed rewards will be randomly selected from the Special Rewards list. Afterwards, only the item package from the Normal Rewards list will be distributed.

[Additional Information]

1. This is an official MU Online 3rd-party event, hosted by MU Online Fanz.

2. Winners are ultimately determined at the Host’s discretion, during the event period.

3. Character Level 200 is recommended. The GM character will not access any map which requires greater than Character Level 200.

4. There is absolutely no entitlement to a prize by participating in this event.

5. A list of winners will be posted to this topic after the event has concluded.

6. The event may be documented or recorded, and publicly posted after the event has concluded.

7. By claiming a prize, you acknowledge that your character name may be publicly displayed in a video, photo, or other type of media.

8. When claiming a prize, a character will be given three chances to claim it. 
    The Host may use their own discretion to determine whom will receive the reward. A prize may not be rewarded if:

  • A character’s Personal Store is open too long [2 minutes].

  • the trade window is closed [x3 times].

  • there is not enough inventory space in your inventory [x3 trade attempts].

9. The [Event Schedule], [Special Rewards], [Normal Rewards], and [Official Rules] are subject to change without notice.

10. The GM Character will not resolve, investigate, or advise any in-game issues or assist with any CS Ticket concerns, during the event period. Please refrain from sending this type of information.

Thank You
MU Support Team

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