[Event] Double Reset Package Sales! (10/04/2018~17/04/2018 UTC)


Dear MUtizens,

It's time to give change your characters stronger!
We've prepared new sales for MUtizens!

Double Reset Package C/E/H/Q/S SALES

[Sales Period]: 10/04/2018 ~ 17/04/2018 07:00 (UTC)

[Sales Details]: 

* You will get an item as below for 100%:
- Skill Enhancement Tree Initialization X1

* You will get one of fruits randomly from Lucky Reset Double Reset Package C/E/H/Q/S:
- Reset Fruit X1 - 200 Points
- Reset Fruit X1 - 300 Points
- Reset Fruit X1 - 400 Points

Now 690 Wcoin

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1. Lucky Reset Fruit Box C/E/H/Q/S stands as follow resepctively:
- C : Control
- E : Energy
- H : Health 
- Q : Quickness
- S : Strength 

2. You can purchase each package ONCE per account.
3. Double Reset Package C/E/H/Q/S are only available at Helheim/Midgard/Alfheim/Eldorado.

How to use Skill Enhancement Tree Initialization?

Thank You
MU Support Team


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