[Event] Playtime Attack! Event (14/04/2018~15/04/2018 UTC)


Are you looking for any challenge to jump over?
Challenge yourself for Playtime Attack Event on this weekend!

If you play MU Online more than 40 hours from April 14 00:00 ~  April 15 23:59 (UTC), 
You will receive 'Playtime Attack Reward'!

[Event Period]: 14/04/201 00:00 ~ 15/04/2018 23:59 (UTC)

[Reward Distribution]: 17/04/2018 After Maintenance (UTC)

[Playtime Attack Rewards]:
* Seal of Healing(1Day) 
* Scroll Master of Quickness(1Day) 
* [Bound]Bless of Light(Greater) x 3

**Please Note
1. Reward Distribution schedule is subject to change.
2. You can receive rewards only ONCE per account.
3. Please play enough since in-game playtime and real-time might be different.
4. Playtime may not count if the game has ended due to scheduled maintenance.
    Please finish your game before the maintenance begins. 
5. Playtime may not count if the game was forcibly ended.
6. You must accumulate more than 40hrs to get rewards. 
7. Playtime is accumulative

Thank You
MU Support Team

Your Time