[Event] Signature Lucky Box with Lucky Chances Season 2 (17/04/2018~02/05/2018 UTC)

Dear MUtizens!

Mutizens' most BE-LOVED Sales is now HERE!
Signature Lucky Box with Lucky Chances Season 2!

What is Signature Lucky Box?

If you purchase Signature Lucky Box during the Event Period, you can get rewards for 30Days from the day you purchased the Box.

[Sales Period]: 17/04/2018 ~ 02/05/2018 07:00 (UTC) 

Please click the banner below to viist Signature Lucky Box Event Page:

You will be able to receive 25 different kinds of Rewards!

* If you purchase "Signature Lucky Box", You will be able to receive [Bound] Bless of Light(Greater) x 5 right away from this page.


- Please log in to your account to participate 'Signature Lucky Box' Event.
- If you purchase 'Signature Lucky Box', you will be able to receive DAY 1 (first reward) right away.
- You can only purchase 'Signature Lucky Box' during the sales period.
- You can only purchase ONCE per account.
- 30Days after the purchase, 'Signature Lucky Box' will be closed and all of items that are not received will be deleted.
- You CANNOT cancel the purchase nor refund once you buy the item.
- Get Rewards' button will be activated if you played more than 60 minutes yesterday, and received previous activated rewards
  (Please play enough since in-game playtime and real-time might be different.)

- Playtime will be updated every day 00:00 (UTC).

What is Lucky Chance?
- If you get rewards for 6, 12, 18 and 24, you will get Lucky Chance to purchase special packages!
- You can only puchase Lucky Chance 1~4 ONCE per account respectively.

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MU Support Team 

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