[Event] SPIN&WIN!! Roulette Ranking Event (16/05/2018~30/05/2018 UTC) (Modified)



The most favorable event, Roulette Ranking has returned !!
Let' see who's going to be a winner of Roulette Ranking Event!


[Event Period]: 15/05/2018 After Maintenance ~ 29/05/2018 Before Maintenance (UTC)
[Event Period]: 16/05/2018 09:45 ~ 30/05/2018 07:00 (UTC)
- Roulette Ranking will be reset and start from 16/05/2018 09:45 (UTC)

For Mutizens those who didn't know what to do with great amount of GP, SPIN SPIN SPIN! and you will WIN WIN WIN!
The more you spin the roulette, the more chances you will get to receive special rewards! Let's spin the wheel to win exciting prizes!

**Please Note:
- If there is more than one user scoring the same point, the faster one will be ranked on the list.

- A notice Regarding Reward Distribution will be announced with ranking announcement on June 1, 2018 (UTC).
- Roulette Point Ranking will be updated every 00:00 (UTC) and ranking list will appear until the end of the event.
- Any Player proven to be the illegal program user to accumulate Roulette Point will be excluded from the ranking list and blocked.

* Please click HERE to check Roulette Ranking reward details.
* Please click HERE to check Rare Item Ticket 12+1~4 reward details.


[Sales Period]: 15/05/2018 After Maintenance ~ 29/05/2018 Before Maintenance (UTC)

This time, you can get a special bonus when you purchase Goblin Points! Only in May, 2018!
8,000 GP (Speical Bonus!)
42,000 GP
(Special Bonus!)
88,000 GP
800 Wcoin 4,000 Wcoin 8,000 Wcoin

Go to Shop Goblin Points

For those who haven't received the rewards for last roulette ranking event, please send us CS ticket and we will process them promptly!

Thank You
MU Support Team

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