[Newbie Event] Sent's Order Event & Newbie Shop Sales (05/06/2018~03/07/2018 UTC)


Greetings MUtizens! 

An Exciting Event for New Warriors has arrived!
Missions and Event Sales available for new characters.

Create a new account and experience these limited prizes for New Warriors.



[Event Period]: 05/06/2018 After Maintenance ~03/07/2018 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Sent will give you one order every week, during the event, survive! and receive rewards!
- Only players who’ve created account after 05/06/2018 09:00 (UTC) can participate in this event.
- The rewards will be received once the mission has been completed.


Please click the banner below to see the FIRST ORDER!

Event Period   Sent’s Order Sent’s Order Reward
Week 1 Reach Level 20 AND Play more than 100 hr Small Wing(3Days)
Week 2 Will open after June 12, scheduled maintenance (UTC)!  Stay Tuned!  
Week 3 Will open after June 19, scheduled maintenance (UTC)!
Week 4 Will open after June 26, scheduled maintenance (UTC)!

- To participate the event, you should create account after June, 5 09:00(UTC).
- You can participate the event & receive rewards only once per account.
- Rewards are available at all servers.(Helheim/Midgard/Alfheim/Eldorado).


[Sales Period:05/06/2018 After Maintenance~03/07/2018 Before Maintenance UTC)

- For a month, newbies will be able to purchase special packages for amazing prices!
- Visit newbie shop and enjoy the combination of variety packages!

Newbie Package I Newbie Package II Newbie Package III
- 1st Lucky Item Package
- [Bound]Bless of Light(Greater) X10
- Pet Panda(7Days)
- [Bound]Bless of Light(Greater) X10
- Gold Channel Ticket(7Days)
- Seal of Healing(7Days)
- [Bound]Bless of Light(Greater) X10
150 Wcoin 250 Wcoin 350 Wcoin

- Newbie Shop is exclusively available for new members who’ve created an account within 30days after the event started.

- You must verify your account first before you are able to access the Newbie Category in the Item Shop.
- Newbie packages are available at all servers.(Helheim/Midgard/Alfheim/Eldorado.)
- for each package, newbie players can purchase up to 5 times per package.
- To purchase newbie packages, you should create account after June, 5 09:00 (UTC).

Go to Newbie Shop!
* If you are new member of MU Online, please visit webshop and click "VALIDATE" to activate Newbie Shop

 Thank you for your continuous support. We will be looking forward to your participation.


Thank You
MU Online Team

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