[Event] WEBZEN Holidays (11/12/2018~08/01/2019 UTC)



Looting in a Webzen Wonderland!

Sleigh bells ring... and a snowman asks you if you want to trade with him some of the candy canes collected in his quest!?? No, you're not dreaming: the Webzen holidays have just started, and things are about to get very Christmassy in the next few weeks on the Webzen portal!

Our elves are currently wrapping a big pile of presents in the office, and they surely have enough for each player, no matter which game they play! So, feel free to loot in a Webzen wonderland and celebrate with us from:

December 11 2018 to January 8 2019


The Webzen Tree

You've been assigned a delicate task this year: helping Webzen decorate its tree.

Halloween candies have been replaced by candy canes! You can collect them from the tree (once every 2 hours, up to 3 times a day) and exchange them for decorations.

You can mix and match all decorations to customize the tree the way you want.



Presents will be dealt based on the number of candy canes you manage to collect during the entire portal event.

Finally, if you complete the tree, you can send us the final picture to win additional rewards (details for this competition will soon be available on Facebook).

Click here to go to the event page!


Weeks of In-Game Events

Every game has its own way of celebrating the holiday season... Check out what's going on this time in your favorite game!

Mystic Gift Box Event

Enjoy Seasonal Offers

Remember, it's not all about events and decorations! Each game has also reserved its best discounts for this special time of the year...!

Goblin Point Sales

We hope you have an amazing holiday season with your family and favorite games.



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