[Event] Invitations from MU (19/02/2019~02/04/2019 UTC)




We’re expecting the new Season Update, and it would be much more enjoyable if we can play MU with a lot of friends! Invite your friends and ask them to return to MU! You will receive +13 3rd Wings if more than 3 friends you’ve invited return to MU!


For more info, please click the banner below:


[Event Period]: 19/02/2019 after maintenance ~ 02/04/2019 before maintenance (UTC)


How to participate:

  1. Log in and click ‘Send an invitation’ button.
  2. From the invitation, type Server & Character of your friends. (Max. 10 friends)
  3. If you type correct Server & Character, your friend will receive the Invitation and Returner’s Package.
  4. If the friend who received Invitation logs in from the website, the invitation will pop-up.
  5. If 3 or more friends who received the invitation have purchased ‘Friend Package’, you will receive +13 [Bound] 3rd Wings (+Luck)!
  6. You can recieve the reward ONLY ONCE !


Invited Friends will receive Returner’s Package:

- Gold Channel Ticket (7 Days)

- Seal of Healing (7 Days)


What you will get if 3 or more friends return and purchase ‘Friend Package’:

+13 [Bound] 3rd Wings (+Luck)!


Invite your friends


Friend Package (590 Wcoin):

- Gold Channel Ticket(14Days)

- [Master] Scroll of Defense(14Days)

- [Master] Scroll of Wrath(14Days)

- [Master] Scroll of Wizardry(14Days)

- [Master] Scroll of Health(14Days)

- [Master] Scroll of Mana(14Days)

- [Master] Scroll of Battle(14Days)

- [Master] Scroll of Strength(14Days)

- [Master] Scroll of Healing(14Days)

- +13 [Bound] 2nd Wings

- [Bound] Condor's Magic Solution

-  Condor Magic Bubble


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Please note:

You CANNOT invite a friend who has accessed to MU Online between 29/01/2019 to 18/02/2019 (UTC).

You CANNOT invite a friend who has been already invited by other players.

Only invited friends can purchase the Friend Package.

You cannot receive the rewards in Eldorado.



Thank You

MU Support Team

Your Time