[Event] Season13 Part 2 Update is here! (05/03/2019~19/03/2019)

Dear Mutizens,

Enjoy the events that we have prepared !
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1. Moss’s Mastery Ranking Event 

[Event Period]: 05/03/2019 ~ 19/03/2019 Before Maintenance (UTC)

- Be on the top and grab brand new items! (Players CANNOT use the rewards in ELDORADO.)

- March 19 : The ranking text was changed due to other issues at the end of the ranking event. In case of compensation, it will be paid according to the original notice. 


Rank 1 : Earring of Wrath (Left)(+3 Option), Earring of Wrath (Right)(+3 Option)
Rank 2~3 : Earring of Wrath (Right)(+3 Option)
Rank 4~5 : Earring of Wrath (Left)(+3 Option)
Rank 6~7 : Earring of Wrath (Right)(+2 Option)
Rank 8~10 : Earring of Wrath (Left)(+2 Option)

Ranker 1~10 MUST send tickets to choose options.

Rank 11~30 : Lapidary Stone x30
Rank 31~50 : Lapidary Stone x10
Rank 51~100 : Lapidary Stone Box x10

Rewards will be distributed with in March.
For Ranker 1~10, rewards will be distributed after all tickets are collected.

[How to participate]:

  1. Visit NPC Moss in Elbeland (22,225)
  2. Talk to Moss and open Mastery Accessory Box.
  3. Get 2 Points every time you open the Mastery Accessory Box!
  4. The accumulated points will be updated every day.
  5. Top 100 ranked players will get special rewards.


The rewards are not available in Eldorado.

Ranking will be updated every day at 00:05 (UTC).

To know more about this event, please follow the link >>Click Here<<.

2. Enhanced Enhancing Event 

[Event Period]: 05/03/2019 ~ 19/03/2019 Before Maintenance (UTC)

For a limited time, upgrade success chance for earring items from +8 to +15 will be increased by 20%!
Don’t miss out the golden chance!

(The upgrade chance will not increase for items from +1 to +7.)

[How to participate]:

  1. Visit NPC Chaos Goblin in Noria (181,102).
  2. Use Chaos Goblin Combination and select “Enhance Earrings.”
  3. A certain amount of Lapidary Stone and Zen will be required according to the level of the item.
  4. The Earring item will not be destroyed even if the item upgrade fails. 
  5. However, the level of the item will drop to 0 from +7.
  6. When the earring item is upgraded successfully, Attack/Wizardry/Curse/Elemental DEF will be increased. 

To know more about this event, please follow the link >>Click Here<<.

3. Time-limited Offer : Lapidary Stone Box Sales

[Event Period]: 05/03/2019 ~ 19/03/2019 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Get Brand New Item Lapidary Stone, Mastery Earrings and more!

Lapidary Stone Box : 100 Wcoin

Master EXP Potion (3)

Master EXP Potion (4)

Bless of Light X2

[Bound] Bless of Light (Greater)X3

[Bound] Bless of Light (Greater)X5

Excellent ring (1 option)

Excellent necklace (1 option)

300 Earing

700 Earing

Lapidary Stone (1)

Lapidary Stone Box X10 :1000 Wcoin

Earring of Wrath Box (Left) : 5000 Wcoin

Earring of Wrath Box (Right) : 10000 Wcoin

4. Explore Maze of Dimensions  

[Event Period]: 05/03/2019 ~ 19/03/2019 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Explore the reworked Maze of Dimensions!

For a limited time, you will get 2x rewards!

[How to participate]:

  1. Obtain Elena’s Letter by hunting monsters with level 110 or higher.
  2. You can have up to 10 items.
  3. Go to Event Map Square (227, 65).
  4. Click the Dimensional Gate and select the floor. Scroll the mouse wheel or right-click to reselect the floor. 
  5. Kill monsters in the maze and find the exit.
  6. Complete a mission required at the exit. You will get Maze of Dimensions Box and Maze Points as rewards.  


You will get 2 rewards boxes during the event period!
Please note that the Maze Points will not be doubled.

The rewards will be sent to the Gremory Case. 
The rewards will be deleted after 7 days.

5. Level Up Event

[Event Period]: 05/03/2019 ~  The next season update (UTC)

Now the level cap is 1050!

Reach Lv. 1000 now and get a special Muun "King Reksmilon!


The rewards box will be sent to the Gremory Case.
If you do not claim the box, the item will be deleted after 30 days.
Throw the box on the floor to receive the Muun.
If you do not open the box, the box will be deleted after 14 days.

6. Egg of Monsters

[Event Period]: 05/03/2019 ~ 19/03/2019 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Enjoy hunting for new egg of Muuns!

To know more about this event, please follow the link >>Click Here<<.

7. Special Offer : All in one Package

[Event Period]: 05/03/2019 ~ 19/03/2019 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Get Ultimate Boon Package at bargain!

[Normal/Master] All-in-one Package (30Days) : 6,990 Wcoin

[Normal/Master] Seal of Wealth(30days)
Seal of Healing(30days)
[Normal/Master] Seal of Ascension(30days)
Pink Panda Ring(30days)
Pet Panda(30days)
Talisman of Ascension3(30days)
Premium Muun Lv.1(30days)
[Bound]Bless of Light(Greater)X120EA 

[Normal/Master] All-in-one Package (7Days) : 1,990 Wcoin

[Normal/Master] Seal of Wealth(7days)
Seal of Healing(7days)
[Normal/Master] Seal of Ascension(7days)
Pink Panda Ring(7days)
Pet Panda(7days)
Talisman of Ascension1(7days)
Premium Muun Lv.1(7days)
[Bound]Bless of Light(Greater) X30EA

We encourage our users to send a ticket the soonest time possible if there are any bugs or irregularities encountered on the on-going events.
Our team is on stand –by and will respond to these issues as soon as possible.

Also, a screenshot or video of the issues would be much appreciated since this will help us and our developers investigate the issues further and probably fix the issue sooner.

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