[Event] 10th Anniversary Event (16/04/2019~30/04/2019 UTC)





Webzen's 10th Anniversary!

Celebrate and Grab Fabulous Rewards!

Yes... 10... it's the 10th anniversary of webzen.com!

It seems like it was only yesterday since we began, but time passes so fast!

We'd like to thank all of our players for playing our games, and to show our appreciation, we've prepared a 10th anniversary event full of free items to give away!

Click here to fly to the event page!

Event period:

April 16 to April 30 2019

Dungeon Level Up Event

It's the Webzen dungeon! You'll be clearing a dungeon with Webzen game bosses lurking around, and for every level gained, you get free items!

In-Game Events and Sales

The Golden Colossus Event

Help ! The continent of MU is under attack!

Protect the land from an invasion of Golden Monsters to unlock random rewards !

Click here to fly to the event page!

Facebook Events

Don't miss the events we're running on our Webzen Facebook page!

Be the lucky one to win some $$$ in our Facebook events!





Top-Up Special

An all-new top-up special for the Webzen portal's 10th anniversary!

For the whole duration of the event, you can get up to 40% bonus Wcoin when topping up!

For the exclusive packages, we're back with better items and better packs!

Also, we're offering a Freebie Pack, a free bundle of goodies for everyone to enjoy!

Come and check them out!

We all hope you have an amazing time playing during our 10th anniversary event!

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