[Event] Goblin Point Special Offer (21/05/2019 ~ 04/06/2019 UTC)

Greetings Mutizens!

For those who want to participate Mystic Gift Box Event,
we've prepared Amazing Goblin Point Offer

This time, you can get maximum 15% additional Goblin Points for limited period of time.

You can purchase 1,000 GP for 50 Wcoin ONCE per account.
(*This sales was added today.)

[Sales Period]: 21/05/2019 ~ 04/06/2019 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Goblin Point Wcoin
1,000 GP 50 Wcoin
8,000 GP 800 Wcoin
40,000 GP  44,000 GP 4,000 Wcoin
80,000 GP  92,000GP 8,000 Wcoin

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Thank You
MU Support Team

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