[Event] Webzen.com's 2019 Summer Event (July 23~August 6 UTC)





Webzen.com's 2019 summer event is here!


When the temperature goes up, you know what that means... it's summer event time!

Don't stay under the blazing sun, stay indoors with us!

We've prepared a variety of events, full of surprises and gifts!


Here's what we have in store for this year's summer event!


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In-Game Events


Here's what we have prepared for our MU Online fans!


Mystic Gift Box Event(July 23~August 6 UTC) >> Click Here
Ruud Awaits Event (July 16~July 30 UTC) >> Click Here
Hunt & Gather Event (July 16~July 30 UTC) >> Click Here






Free Gifts


Here's what you can get each day of the event:

Daily Rewards

DAY 1 - Scroll Package (1 Day)
DAY 2 - Master Scroll of Defense (3 Days)
DAY 3 - 300 Ruuds
DAY 4 - Master Scroll of Battle (3 Days)
DAY 5 - Blood Castle Ticket X5
DAY 6 - Master Scroll of Recovery (3 Days)
DAY 7 - Master Scroll of Strengthener (3 Days)
DAY 8 - 300 Ruuds
DAY 9 - Master Scroll of Quickness (3 Days)
DAY 10 - Master Scroll of Wizardry (3 Days)
DAY 11 - Devil Square Ticket X5
DAY 12 - Master Scroll of Wrath (3 Days)
DAY 13 - Master Scroll of Health (3 Days) + Master Scroll of Mana (3 Days)
DAY 14 - Gold Channel Ticket (3 Days)


Plus, depending on the number of days you participate,
you'll get additional rewards on top of these!

3 Days – Skeleton Ring (7 Days)

7 Days – Pet Skeleton (7 Days)

10 Days – Seal of Ascension (7Days)+ [Bound]Bless of Light(Greater) X10







Facebook Events


Don't miss the events we're running on our Webzen Facebook page!

Be the lucky one to win some sweet loot in our Facebook events!







Top-Up Special


The top-up special's back, just in time for your summer shopping spree!

For the whole duration of the event, you can get
up to 30% bonus Wcoin when topping up!

For the exclusive bonus packages, we're back with better items and packs!

Also, we're offering a Freebie Pack, a free bundle of goodies for everyone, and a Beginner Pack, a gift you can unlock by just spending 1 Wcoin/Redzen!

Come and check them out!




We all hope you stay safe somewhere indoors, and have a blast with us!







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