[Event] Speed Server Event - August 6th 2019


Greetings, Mutizens !

To celebrate the arrival of the new Rune Mage class, we have prepared various events.

For more information of the speed server event Click HERE

Event 1. Speed Server Ranking Event

Event Period: August 6 (after maintenance) - August 27 (before maintenance)

Who will win the throne of Speed Server?

Event 2. Playtime Attack Event

Event Period
 - 1st Week : August 10 - August 11
 - 2nd Week : August 15 - August 16

Are you looking for any challenge to jump over?
Simply play a certain number of hours every day to get awesome rewards.
If you play MU Online more than 40 hours during the event period, You will receive 'Playtime Attack Reward'!

Event 3. TGI 'Friday' Event

Event Period: August 9 / August 16 / August 23

For a limited period of time, get FREE items!

Event 4. Ruud Supply Event

Event Period: August 6 (after maintenance) - September 3 (before maintenance)

In Speed Event Server IV, once you reach the master level (400LV),

you will earn 100 Ruud per level up.

Thank you for your continuous support.

MU Support Team

Your Time