[Sales] Goblin Point Special Offer (03/09/2019 ~ 17/09/2019 UTC)

Greetings Mutizens!

For those who want to participate the Updated Events,
we've prepared Amazing Goblin Point Offer

This time, you can get additional Goblin Points for limited period of time.

You can purchase 1,000 GP for 50 Wcoin ONCE per account.
(*This sales was added today.)

[Sales Period]: 03/09/2019 ~ 17/09/2019 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Goblin Point Wcoin
1,000 GP 50 Wcoin
8,000 GP 800 Wcoin
40,000 GP  42,000 GP 4,000 Wcoin
80,000 GP  88,000 GP 8,000 Wcoin

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Thank You
MU Support Team

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