[Event] Webzen.com's 2019 Halloween event





Webzen.com's 2019 Halloween event is here!


The gates to our Halloween event are officially open!

We've arranged a number of treats in-game, on our portal and social media pages.


Keep reading and uncover them all!


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Game Events


Here's what we have prepared for our [MU] users!


Egg of Monsters - October


Halloween Party Event




Halloween Sales

[MU Online]

Chaos Goblin's Rare Box

Lucky Reset Fruit Box C/E/H/Q/S

Golden Talisman Package

Check details





Free Gifts


If you're brave enough to trick-or-treat at our haunted house, you can exchange candies for the following:

1 Candy - [[Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) x3]

2 Candies - [Wizard Ring(7Days)]

3 Candies - [Skeleton Pet(7Days)]

10 Candies - [Scroll Master of Health+Mana(7Days)]

24 Candies - [Skeleton Ring(7Days)+Seal of Ascension(7Days)
+[Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) x10


Exchange your candies on the event page!



Top-Up Special


It's top-up special time, extra treats as promised...

For the whole duration of the event, you can get
up to 30% bonus Wcoin when topping up!

For the exclusive bonus packages, we are back with better items and packs!

Also, we're offering a Beginner Pack, a gift you can unlock by just spending 1 Wcoin!

Come and check them out!






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