[Event] Webzen's 2019 Holiday Event is here!





Webzen's 2019 Holiday Event is here!


Santa has come for Webzen's Holiday Event!

We've arranged a number of presents in-game, on the portal site and on the social media pages.


Keep reading to uncover them all!


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Game Events


Here's what we have prepared for MUtizens!


Event 1. Ruud Awaits! (Dec 03 - Dec 17 (before maintenance)) >> CLICK

Event 2. Egg of Monsters  (Dec 03 - Dec 17 (before maintenance)) >> CLICK

Event 3. Mystic Gift Box (Dec 10 - Dec 31 (before maintenance)) >> CLICK

Event 4.  Super Holiday Festival (Dec 17 - Jan 07 (before maintenance)) >> Coming Soon


Holiday Sales

Sales 1. Goblin Point >> Click

[Sales Period]: Dec 10 - Dec 31 (before maintenance)

8,000 Goblin Point : 800 Wcoin
42,000 Goblin Point : 4,000 Wcoin
88,000 Goblin Point : 8,000 Wcoin

Sales 2. Holiday Offer >> Coming Soon 




Free Gifts


Santa encourages you to redeem Christmas Gold for the following rewards:

1 Christmas Gold - [[Bound]Bless of Light(Greater)]

2 Christmas Gold - [Scroll Master of Recovery (3Days)]

3 Christmas Gold - [Wizard Ring(7Days)]

10 Christmas Gold - [Skeleton Pet(7Days)]

24 Christmas Gold - [Skeleton Ring (7Days) + Seal of Ascension (7Days)
+ [Bound]Bless of Light(Greater)x10]


Exchange your Christmas Gold on the event page!



Top-Up Special


It's top-up special time with extra presents as promised...

For the entire duration of the event, you can get
up to 30% bonus Wcoin when topping up!

For the exclusive bonus packages, we are back with better items and packs!

We're also offering a Beginner Pack which you can unlock by spending 1 Wcoin!

Come and check them out!






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