[Event] Speed Server Early Bird Event - June 30, 2020



NEW character, SLAYER will be coming to MU Online with Speed Event Server soon!

To celebrate the arrival of Slayer X Speed Event Server, we are throwing giveaways to all!

Please be ready for the big update!

[Slayer X Speed Server Early Bird Event]

Event Period: 30/06/2020 ~ 14/07/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Event 1. Gifts for Early Birds

Special giveaway for all Mutizens!
Redeem the coupon code and prepare for the arrival of Slayer!

To find out the coupon code, click >>HERE<<

Scroll Package(7Days) + Demon Pet(7Days) + [Bound]Bless of Light(Greater) x10

1. Coupon can be redeemed from 30/06/2020 After Maintenance ~ 14/07/2020 28:59 UTC.
2. Please log into your account to redeem your coupon.
3. Coupon can be redeemed only ONCE per account.

Event 2. Boost Item Supply

Play 1 hour every day, get a special boost package for FREE!

[Bound]Bless of Light (Greater) x3 + Wizard's Ring (1Day) + Talisman of Ascension II (1Day)

1. Please log into your account to participate the event.
2. You can only get rewards during the event period.
3. To get rewards, please play more than 60 minutes yesterday. (Please play enough since in-game and real-time might be different.)
4. Playtime status will be updated every day 00:00 (UTC).
5. Any player proven to be the illegal program user to get rewards will be blocked.

Event 3. Playtime Challenge

Play 150 hours during the event period to get EXTRA rewards!

Skeleton Pet(7Days) + Skeleton Ring(7Days)

1. Reward can be claimed by clicking the [Claim] button, and it will be sent to your cash storage.
2. Playtime is accumulated in minutes of 10, and not in single minutes. (E.g) If you were logged in for 59 Minutes, only 50 minutes are recorded)
3. You cannot participate in the event after the event is finished, and the reward can be claimed only ONCE per account.
4. If the mission event reward item is not used for 30 days after receival it will be deleted.

Thank You
MU Support Team

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