[Event] Find a Bomb Ranking Event & Sales (September 22 ~ October 6, 2020 UTC)


Greetings MUtizens,

One of the best mini-game is back! Are you ready to collect pieces, make bundles and receive awesome rewards?
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[Event Period]:
* 1st Week - 22/09/2020 After Maintenance ~ 28/09/2020 24:00 (UTC)
* 2nd Week - 29/09/2020 00:00 ~ 05/10/2020 24:00 (UTC)

[Winner Announcement]:
* 1st Week: 02/10/2020 (UTC)
* 2nd Week: 09/10/2020 (UTC)

Top 50 players with the highest Find a Bomb score will get special rewards!
Find a Bomb Ranking event will not be separated by server! Compete will MUtizens from ALL Realms!

Find a Bomb Reward Festival

[Event Period]: 22/09/2020 After Maintenance ~ 06/10/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

1. During the event period, play a mini-game Find a Bomb!
2. According to score you achieved per game, you will obtain 1 random reward!

Below 150 Below 850 Below 1100 Above 1100
Muun Egg Muun Egg Muun Egg Bundle of Jewel (10)
50,000 zen 150,000 zen Bundle of Jewel (10) Bundle of Jewel (20)
Jewel Jewel Bundle of Jewel (20) Bundle of Jewel (30)
  Excellent Armors Excellent Armors Pentagram (Normal)
  Excellent Weapons Excellent Weapons Pentagram (Rare)
  Elite HP Potion * 5 Pentagram (Normal) Bless of Light (Middle Grade)
  Elite MP Potion * 5 Bless of Light (Low Grade) Bless of Light (Low Grade)
  Arcanum of Health * 3 Elite HP Potion * 5 Bless of Light (Greater)
  Arcanum of Mana * 3 Elite MP Potion * 5 Errtel (0~6 Random, Except Radiance)
  Arcanum of Speed * 3 Arcanum of Wrath * 5 Horn of Fenrir
  Arcanum of Defense * 3 Arcanum of Wizardry * 5 Condor Feather
    Arcanum of Battle * 5  
    Arcanum of Strength * 5  
    Bless of Light (Greater)  


[Sales Period]: 22/09/2020 After Maintenance ~ 06/10/2020 Before Maintenance (UTC)

Earn awesome rewards with Lucky Card Box!

Lucky Card Box X1EA Lucky Card Box X10EA
10 Wcoin 100 Wcoin

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Your participation is greatly appreiated! Good Luck to everyone!

Thank you for your continuous support.

MU Support Team

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