Happy Easter Day


Easter Holiday Event




Easter day event has returned!

Take a close look at what we have prepared to celebrate Easter day!!

We hope that you enjoy Easter day with the events and promotions we prepared and share your  joy with your friends as well

Happy Easter :)


1. Happy Easter Box

<Event period: 04/08/2014~ 04/21/2014 GST>

Only one Easter Lucky Box can be purchased per day.

The purchase can be made only through in-game shop.

You get one of the items listed below.

-       Talisman of Resurrection

-       Talisman of Ascension 1 (1day)

-       Gold Channel Ticket (1day)

-       Robot Knight Transformation Ring (1 day)

-       Great heavenly mage ring (1day)

-       Seal of Ascension (1day)

-       Master Seal of Ascension (1day)

-       Pet Panda (1day)

-       Pink Panda Ring (1day)

-       Normal Muun

-       Gold Channel Ticket (30days)

-       Pink Panda Ring (30days)

-       Pet Panda (30days)

-       Talisman of Ascension 1 (30days)



2. Easter Bunny Lucky Box

<Sales period: 04/08/2014~ 04/21/2014 GST>

Price: 990 Wcoin (P)

You can get Talisman of Ascension 1 (7days), Bless of Light 7EA and additional random item from the list below.

*Talisman of Ascension 1 (7days)

*Bless of Light 7EA

*One random item from the following list

-       +0 Wing of Storm

-       +0 Wing of Ruin

-       +0 Cape of Overrule

-       Rare Item Ticket 3

-       Rare Item Ticket 5

-       Rare item Ticket 6

-       Muun William (Evolved)

-       Pet Panda 1day

-       Pet Panda 7days

-       Pet Panda 1day

-       Pet Skeleton 7days


3.    Additional Gift Give Away

 <Event period: 04/08/2014~ 04/21/2014 GST>


The more you spend the better prize you get!


-       500 Wcoin (P) spent: Bless of Light 1EA

-       1,000 Wcoin (P) spent: Bless of Light 5EA

-       3,000 Wcoin (P) spent: Bless of Light 20EA

-       5,000 Wcoin (P) spent: Bless of Light 30EA + Talisman of Ascension 1 (3days)

-       10,000 Wcoin (P) spent: Bless of Light 60EA + Talisman of Ascension 1 (14days)

-       15,000 Wcoin (P) spent: Gold Fenrir + Talisman of Ascension 1 (30days)

-       Number one spender during the event period: +9 Archangel Weapon + 4opt, no luck

        (A person who spend the most during the event period)



1. Only W coin (P) will be counted.

2. Only one gift will be given. 

(EX: If you spent 1,000 W coin (P), you will get Bless of Light 5EA. Not 6EA)

3. Talisman of Ascension can be used for both normal and master character.
    It has 50% EXP boost effect and can be used with anyother seals.
    (Click to use in inventory)


Thank You

-MU Service Team


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