Less working and more playing! (Edited)


Hi all Mutizens,

It’s that time of the year again! Summer is coming and what’s better than a holiday to add to the excitement! May Day (Labor Day) on May 1st is usually a public holiday in many cultures. For those of you who may not know about Labor Day, here is some background information.

Although it may be known to most of us as just another holiday, Labor Day was an important event in the history. It marks the day when laborers garnered enough strength to declare an eight hour workday!

So, we have prepared an event to celebrate this awesome day.

We will be sending out special rewards to players who dedicate their time into playing MU during the event period.

Less working and more playing MU!!


Event Period : April 29, 2014 ~ May 5, 2014 (GST)

Game usage hours 


50~99 hours

Scroll Package (Normal and Master) (3days)

100~129 hours

Scroll Package (Normal and Master) (3days)+ Panda Ring (3days)

130~159 hours

Scroll Package (Normal and Master) (3days)+ Panda Pet (5days)

160 hours

Scroll Package (Normal and Master) (3days)+ Seal of Acsension 2 (7days) + Bless of Light (3ea)



The lucky box which includes pickaxe is now on sale at a reasonable price. Laborers, dig Jewels!

Sales Start :  April 29, 2014 (GST)

Sales end : When 5,000 packages are sold.

Item name : Pandora Box (150 W coin)


Thank you

MU support team

Your Time