Mom loves your hard effort (Edited)


Hi, all Mutizens,

I’m GM Grandma.

I heard how much you love playing MU from GM Granddaddy.

It will be Mother’s day soon. Have you expressed how much you love your mom? To show how much I love our Mutizens and to celebrate Mother’s day, I prepared an event.

I will give very special reward according to the EXP obtained during the event period. If you show your effort, Grandma will give you nice presents! 

Event Period : May 6, 2014~ May 26, 2014 (GST)

Due to the difference between EXP gained of normal level and master level, we divided rewards.



Normal Level

Master Level


2.5 wings +13LV+3options

Rare item ticket 10


Rare item ticket 12

Rare item ticket 9


Rare item ticket 2

Rare item ticket 12


Bless of Light 150ea

Bless of Light 150ea


Bless of Light 30ea

Bless of Light 30ea

 Note: There was a change in some of the rewards.


Thank you.

GM Grandma

Your Time