[Get Super Ultra Extreme Unique Rewards!]


[Get Super Ultra Extreme Unique Rewards!]



To show that we listen to the voice of Mutizen and try to provide satisfactory service, we decided to make a modification in this event.

The original purpose of this event was to compensate our VIP users, but also we added other events for those who spend a little Wcoin.


What has been changed?

  • Reward is  +9 Full set of 4socketted Armor
  • Wcoin spent on any item will count (Seals, gold channel tickets and etc).


Event Period

Jun 20, 2014 after notice ~ July 4, 2014 24:00 (UTC)


Event Promotions

  1. Get Super Ultra Extreme Unique Rewards!

          Qualification# 1: Users who spend more than 30,000 Wcoin

          Reward : : + 9 full set of 4socketted armor+Luck



          Qualification#2 : Users who spend more than 20,000 Wcoin

          Reward : + 9 full set of 4socketted armor

 no luck


**   Event winners will have to submit a CS ticket to choose the set from the list below from
       July 5, 2014 UTC to July 9, 2014 (UTC)

<Socket Armor list>

-       Storm Wing Set

-       Lazy Wind Set

-       Sticky Set

-       Light Lord Set

-       Dark Devil Set

-       Hell Knight Set

-       Magic Knight Set

-       Ambition Set

-       Succubus Set


2. Spend 3,000 Wcoin and get a Demon pet

  Qualification: Users who spend 3000Wcoin or more during the event period

  Reward: Chance to buy Demon Pet (30days) at 100Wcoin

3.     Buy only one and get lucky!

  How to participate: If you buy any product of world cup promotion, you will be included in this event. After the event ends, 100 users will be randomly selected to be prized.

  Prize: Excellent Accessary Box at 0 Wcoin

  World Cup Promotion product:

[WSC2014] Healing Chaos Card

[WSC2014] Lucky Box

[WSC2014] Champion Package


Sale promotion

[Bonus Bundle] Bless of Light 50+5


Bless of Light 50EA + Bonus 5EA = 55EA

Price: 1000 Wcoin

Buy 50 Bless of Light and get additional 5 Blesses!


Buy now:



Don’t forget to get an attendance stamp

Get stamp: http://muonline.webzen.com/events/WorldCupAttendance


Thank you.

MU Support team

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