GM Event coming soon!


Hi everyone


We have prepared a GM event this time

Hope you enjoy it


This event consists of two parts

Part1. You Name Me, I Kill You

Event Period: 07/24/2014 ~ 07/31/2014 UTC

Event Summary

  1. Simply the participants of this event name GMs’ characters.
  2. GMs will control these characters with the name you will give and invade Mu continent
  3. Give them a nice, fun, vicious or even lame name!

To name GMs’ characters

GM Graddaddy:

GM Crystal:

GM Julie: 


Event Reward

  1. Random 20 users who participate in this event: Bless of Light 5EA
  2. 3 users who submit the names that GMs choose to use for their characters:

Seal of healing 3days + Talisman of Ascension 3days + Bless of Light 3EA



Part2. Monster GMs Incoming

Event Period: 08/04/2014 ~ 08/08/2014 UTC

Event Summary

  1. GMs will be controlling tremendously strong characters.

Of course they have the names given by you.

  1. They will appear 3times a day during the event period in game according to event schedule.
  2. If your server kills the GM most quickly, your server will get EXP event.

(Only one server that has the shortest time record of killing GM will get EXP event)

Event Reward

Additional EXP boost on particular server for 1week.


Gather all your friends to kill the GMs faster than any other servers

Get EXP event for your server and friends

Prove that your server is the strongest one

Your Time