Free MU Rebirth Open celebration package

To celebrate MU Rebirth Open, we prepared free celebration package for returning users and new users.

Sales Period :  August 7 (UTC) ~ August 12 (UTC)

[For Returning Users] 

Free VIP packages given to returning MU users who have not logged in since July 1st. Also, You have to possess the character whose level is over 400.

Also, a chance to acquire VIP package worth over 100 dollars + 10,000 goblin points for free! Don’t miss out!

[VIP] Package + GP 10,000
Gold Channel 30days
Seal of Ascension 30days
Master Seal of Ascension 30days
Panda Pet 30days
Panda Ring 30days
Worn Horseshoe 30days
Wing of Angel and Devil 30days
Goblin Point 10,000

[For New Users] 
New users will be given a chance to purchase the newbie package for free.

[Newbie] 7days Package
Gold Channel Ticket_7 Days
Seal of Wealth_7 Days
Pet Panda_7 Days
Ring of Panda_7 Days

Thank you
MU support team 
Your Time