Abusing Report Hotline


Recently, we have been receiving reports on illegal external programs.
We are currently under investigation in order to eradicate any kind of abusing related to these programs. Users who have been proven to have used these external programs have been, and will be suspended permanently according to our company's policy. 

Regarding to, but not limited to this issue, we're currently receiving active reports from all users. 
According to the result of the investigation, those who have provided crucial reports will receive certain prizes as a token of gratitude. 

Please make sure to include a screenshot or a link to the video recording that can provide a definite proof of the abusing. 

Click here to file a report

*Please be aware that not all users who have reported will be able to receive prizes. 

We will always try our best to maintain a good environment for everyone.

Thank you
MU Support Team 
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