[Notice] Speed Event Server : HOW TOs - August 27 (last update)

Greetings MUtizens,

1. How to Make Rune Mage in Speed Event Server 

Pre-Registration Rewards has been processed during the maintence.
If you have pre-registered, you can create Rune Mage.

[How to Create Rune Mage]

1. Login to Speed Event Server.
2. Create any character.
3. Open X shop by pressing (X).
4. Use Rune Mage Character Card.
5. Login again and create Rune Mage.

2. How to Get Free Server Transfer Coupon

[How to Get Free Server Transfer Coupon]

Go to MU Online In-game Shop(XShop) after August 27.

- Purchase [Free]Speed Server Transfer ONCE per account for FREE.

3. Cannot use [Scroll of Brust / Scroll of Haste]

There has been issue of [Scroll of Brust / Scroll of Haste] on Speed Server.
Those items are unavailable to use now and it will be deleted when you transfer to main server.
(*Items can be dropped and sold to shop.)

4. TGI Giveaway item issue(1st week)

There has been issue of Giveaway items not showing up on shop.
Those items has been given to users who were online on August 9 (Friday).
The items will be on shop on August 16. 

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

Also, please do not hesitate to contact us when you find any issue regarding the game.

Hope you guys enjoy Speed Server !

Thank You
MU Support Team

Your Time