[IMPORTANT] Character Restoration after the Server Merge


Greetings MUtizens,

We apologize for the inconvenience regarding the recent issue from the "Server Merge". We'd like to inform our community that our team are already aware regarding the missing characters after the maintenance happened on November 26, 2019.

We truly understand how disappointing and disheartening losing a beloved character after spending a huge amount of time together in MU Online,
this has led us to this decision and we have prepared necessary guidelines to assist you in restoring your character.

Please follow the instructions below on how we can assist the affected users to restore their beloved characters.

[Character Restoration Period]: 26/11/2019 After Maintenance ~ 31/12/2019 23:59 (UTC)
- Any CS ticket that is submitted after 31/12/2019 23:59 (UTC) will not be accepted regardless of the reason why.
- Please take note that this character restoration process only applies to those who were affected by the server merge.

[Character Restoration Process]

1. Visit “Submit a Ticket” page.
2. Choose MU Online Ticket Category – Restoration Request
3. Fill out information as follow:

- Subject/Title: [Server Merge] Character Restoration Request
- Account ID/Name:
- Character Name:
- Most Played Server from April 1, 2019:
- What was the last server you transfered into (if applicable):

*Please Note
- You MUST have enough character slot before you request character restoration.

- Only items in the character(s) inventory will be transferred.
- You MUST EMPTY your vault in NEW Midgard and send us another ticket if you wish to restore your item(s) in your old server vault.

- Suspended accounts will not be restored.
- Only tickets that has been sent during the restoration period shall be processed.
- Original accounts must be used for sending ticket requests. Usage of other accounts will be immediately declined.
- Incomplete information will lead to delay in character restoration.

Again, character restoration requests that do not have the necessary information
or doesn't meet the requirement will be automatically denied of restoration. 

We look forward for everyone's cooperation and patience while we are on the process of reviewing individual requests.

Thank you,
MU Support Team

Your Time