[Notice] BONUS Ranking Event Rewards



BONUS Ranking Event has ended.
We happily announce the 1st~10th ranked players.


Rank ServerName CharName Reward
1 Alfheim SlayerGirl (Short Sword/Rune Mace/Claw) +0 Divine Archangel Weapon
2 Alfheim Slayerki
3 Alfheim WhereRU
4 Alfheim MissCaroI (Short Sword/Rune Mace/Claw) +0 Bloodangel Weapon
5 Alfheim OPPAl
6 Alfheim StakeLand
7 Midgard FinalHour
8 Helheim Inferny
9 Helheim InfernaI
10 Alfheim iSully

Event Reward for 11st~50th is as follows.

11 ~ 20
thPink Panda Ring(14Days) + [Bound] Bless of Light(Greater) x 20

21 ~ 50thPink Panda Ring(7Days)

Rewards for Rankers 11~50th will be distributed on 3, September.
For Ranker 1~5, rewards will be distributed after all tickets are collected.

Please send us tickets with options you want until 10, September.

Thank you.

MU Support team. 

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