Give An Extra Life Event Reward


Hello Everyone!


We are happy to announce the winners for the Give An Extra Life Event.


Winners for the Evil’s Cursed Wings:

Triseratox server Midgard

BBDARK server Midgard

Thebadsuol server Midgard

Cocosili server Midgard

NagatoEBK server Midgard

Huteadora server Midgard

CATAPULTA server Midgard

Riversoul server Midgard

BMRaul server Midgard

XxMIRRORxX server Midgard

ZeusML2 server Midgard

Ratsoul server Midgard

JohanaML server Midgard


Possible Rewards:




Winners for the Grand Prize New Pentagram:

DarkAnima server Midgard

(DarkAnima please pick one Pentagram to receive through our ticket system by Jan 9,2014 GST)


Please note that all players listed above need to submit a direct inquiry (ticket) by January 9, 2014 GST from the account with the listed character. Other accounts cannot claim the prize for you in any circumstance.


Submit a ticket:

Click or copy the link:

  1. Log in and press the Submit button.
  2. Select MU Online from the drop down menu
  3. Select “Rare Item Prize” from the next drop down menu after it refreshes with the options
  4. For subject write or copy: Give An Extra Life Event (your character name from list)
  5. Server Name and Character please fill in correctly where the reward will be given
  6. Date of incident pick any date
  7. Item(s) Name/Amount: pick the item from the list above.
  8. Rare Item Prize: pick ticket 13 and Evil\s Cursed Wings
  9. Inquiry Details just type: Redeem item (your choice of item from list above)
  10. Click OK


Thank you to all participants.

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