Arca War

C. Arka War

1. Arka War is..
- an exclusive GVG (Guilds vs Guilds) content in new map “Acheron”.
- The battle takes place on the map “Acheron” and those guilds who take possessions of obelisks placed on the map win Arca War.
2. NPC of Arca War
- To participate Arca War, you must register through the NPC "Sir Lesnar" which can transfer participants to the battlefield of Acheron.
- Trophies from Arca War can be exchanged with other items through “Sir Lesnar”.
Sir Lesnar NO Name Coordinate
1 Lorencia 114, 132
2 Noria 183, 126
3 Devias 240, 53
3. Process of Arca War
- Arca War is held once a week (every Tuesday from 05:00 GST).
- The battle lasts for total 30 minutes.
- Arka War schedule
Progress schedule of Arca War
05 : 00 ~ 05 :10 GST 05 : 10 ~ 05 :20 GST 05 : 20 ~ 06 :23 GST 06 : 23 ~ 06 :28 GST 06 : 28 ~ 06 :58 GST
Guild master registration Guild member registration Notice of entry guilds Waiting in a safe zone Arka War start and termination
(1) Conditions of participation
- To register for participation of Arca War, it is necessary to prepare more than 10 Sign of Lords
- At least, 10 members must be registered and total 20 members can participate in Arca War.
- You have to apply for participation in Arca War through the NPC "Sir Lesnar".
- Total 6 Guilds for each server can participate in Arca war and the decision of entry guilds is based on “first come, first served”.
- After the Guild Master is registered, the registration of members is possible.
- Guild members can register Arca War within given time (10 minutes)

- If the number of registerd guild member exceeds the maximum number, an alert message saying “ You can’t participate in Arca War” will be seen.
- If the number of registerd guild member is lower than 10, the guild will be disqualified from participating in the Arca War.
(2) Process of Arca War
Process of Arca War
아르카쟁 진행 순서
4. Rules of Arca War
(1)Entrance to the field of Arca War
- Unlike the entrance to Acheron, Spirit Map is not neccessary.
(2) Display of enemy guilds
- Red mark is attached to the members of enemy guilds.
(3) Way to attack the enemies
- You can attack through mouse right button.
- You can not attack your allies.
(4) Menu Lock
- In Arca War, using menu functions between characters are restricted.
(5) Personal Store Off
- In Arca War, using personal store is restricted.
- If the Personal Store was open before the participation of Arca War, it will be closed automatically.
(6) Movement restrictions
- In Arca War, warp function can not be used.
(7) Transportation to Arca War
- if you are unintentionally moved to another map, you can enter Arca War from NPC "Sir Lesnar" again.
(8) Death penalty
- if you die in Arca War, you are reborn in the town of Acheron and debuff (movement reduction) is given to you for 90 seconds as a penalty.
(9) Guild function restrictions
- Guild related functions are not available during Arca War.
5. Rules of Arca War
(1) Generation of Obelisk
- Obelisks and guardians appear in Acheron when Arca War gets started.
(2) Guardians of Obelisk
- 10 boss mosters randomly appear near the obelisks in Acheron.
- The killed monster are reborn after 10 minutes.
(3) Types of Obelisks
- Each obelisk has their own element type (Darkness, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth)
- The elements of the obelisks are generated at random.
Obelisk shape Name of the obelisk HP (default) HP (when re-occupied)
Fire Tower 500,000 300,000
Water Tower 500,000 300,000
Earth Tower 500,000 300,000
Wind Tower 500,000 300,000
Tower Darkness 500,000 300,000
(4) Protective barrier
- To take the obelisks, it is necessary to disable protective barriers.
- 3 barriers will be present near each obelisk and guild members have to stand on the barriers simultaneously for a while to make the barriers disabled.
Content Protective barrier Trying to make it disabled Disabled barrier
Description [Initial visualization]
3 barriers are generated
around the obelisks.
When guild members stand on
the barriers simultaneously,
the barriers are revolved and shined.
When guild members from a guild
stand on 3 barriers,
barriers are disabled and it becomes
possible to damage obelisks.
(5) Occupation of the Obelisk
- By taking of 3 barriers simultaneously, the shield of the obelisk is deactivated and obelisks will be taken if their HP becomes 0.
- Those guilds which succeeded to possess obelisks to the end of the event win the event.
(6) Re-occupation of the Obelisk
- Before the end of Arka War, obelisks can be taken by another guild.
- To re-take obelisks, making 3 barriers disabled is required.
- the guild at the end of Arka War has taken the Obelisk acquire the rewards the guild.
6. Arca War Compensation
(1) Compensation for Guild
A. Exclusive benefits in hunting areas of Acheron
- At Acheron, all the characters can see which guild is occupying the areas.
- The occupying guilds are given a 20% increased item drop rate only in Acheron.
B. Guild buff
- The guild that occupies the Obelisk gets a Buff.
- The Buff is granted automatically to all the Guild members for a week (including those who did not participate).
- Buff type varies according to Obelisk they occupied.
- Increases 20% experience & 20% item drop rate.
Type Obelisk Image Description
Fire Tower
  • Increase skill damage + 20
  • Increases Experience 20%
  • Increase Fire Element drop
Water Tower
  • Increase Defense + 30
  • Increases Experience 20%
  • Increase Water drop elements
Wind Tower
  • Increase Critical Rate +5% Damage
  • Increase 20% Experience
  • Increases the Wind Element drop
Earth Tower
  • Increase Attack + 20
  • Increases Experience 20%
  • Increase item drop Earth
Tower Darkness
  • Damage Reduction +10%
  • Increased Experience 20%
  • Increase item drop Darkness
(2) Personal compensation
A. Point Acquired
① Elemental boss monsters
- 1 Boss monster = 30 points
B. Experience Acquired
① Acquisition of point (“Kill” Points)
- Killing boss monsters or characters from other guilds can earn points.
- At the end of Arka War, “Kill” Point is calculated to be exchanged for experience.
Num Circumstances Kill Points
1 Killing monsters 5
2 Killing characters 10
3 Occupying obelisks 50
* Last attacker is counted for Kill Point
② Acquisition points Kill Points
Num Kill Points Compensation Experience
1 0 ~ 10 300,000
2 11 ~50 500,000
3 51 ~100 700,000
4 101 ~ 300 1,000,000
5 301~500 2,000,000
6 500 이상 3,000,000
다. Trophy of War
- When killing boss monsters and members of other guilds, trophy of war is dropped.
- Trophy of war is dropped only when boss monsters or character is killed first during the Arca War.
① Properties Spoils of War
Name Durability Drop Storage Overlap Sell ​​to NPC Personal Store Trade Limit
전장의 전리품 - O O O O O O X
② Using Trophy of War
- Trophy of war may be exchanged for other items through the NPC "Sir Lesnar"
- The trophy of war can be combinated from 1 to 100 and the higher success rate is applied, the more trophy of war is combinated.
③ Rewards from Trophy of War
Trophy of War
NO Required number Default rate Added rate per 1 booty Max success rate Rewards
1 1~10 55 5 100 Guardian Angel, Imp, unite,
Large SD Potion, Potion
Complet Large,
Jewel of Chaos +1
2 11~20 55 5 100 High Refining Stone,
Jewel +1 (Harmony, Creation
Chaos, Soul)
Small box of Errtel,
3 21~30 55 5 100 Jewel +1 (Bless, Soul, Life,
Guardian, Bless)
Powder of the Spirits
4 31~40 55 5 100 Fruit, Jewel of Bless +1
5 41~50 50 5 95 Water Seed, Seed Wind,
Talisman of Luck
6 51~60 50 5 95 Jewel +1 (Soul, Chaos,
Creation, Life, Guardian,
7 61~70 50 5 95 Seed Ice, Earth Seed,
Talisman of Luck
8 71~80 45 5 90 Jewel +2 (Bless, Soul, Chaos,
Creation, Life, Harmony),
Flame of Condor
9 81~90 45 5 90 Lightning Seed,
Seed Fire, Talisman of Luck,
Feather of Condor
10 91~100 45 5 90 Jewel +3 (Soul, Chaos,
Creation, Life, Guardian,
Harmony), Feather of Condor

D. Quest of Acheron

- New repeatable quests are added in eX700 update.

- In order to perform these quests, talk to the NPC "Deruvish.

1. Quest NPC Deruvish
Deruvish (Acheron 62,213)
2. Quest
Type of quest Required Level Mission
Unique Quest 200~400 "The only survivor of the expedition"
200~400 "Acheron's mysterious power, the element"
200~400 "Errtel item"
200~400 "Errtel Creation"
200~400 "Survivor Spirit Adoniel"
200~400 "Acheron monster's secret"
200~400 "Changes in the Acheron"
200~400 "Keeper of Acheron"
200~400 "The discovery of new clue"
200~400 "Defeat Elemental Beast "
200~400 "Attack of Elemental Knight"
Repeatable Quest 301~330 "Remove Devil Fairy"
331~360 "Remove Elemental Beast"
361~400 "Remove Elemental Knight"
Master 1~ Master 20 "Remove Ubaid Devilfairy"
Master 21~ Master 40 "Remove Ubaid Elemental Beast"
Master 41 "Remove Ubaid Elemental Knight"
Monday Master Level "Remove Salamander (BOSS)"
Tuesday Master Level "Remove Undine (BOSS)"
Wednesday Master Level "Remove Sylphid (BOSS)"
Thursday Master Level "Remove Gnome (BOSS)"
Friday Master Level "Remove Hellraiser (BOSS)"
Saturday Master Level "Remove boss monsters"
Sunday Master Level "Remove boss mosters"

E. UI Renewal

- Some functions of UI have been changed.

1. Function change
- Flural pop-ups can be recalled in game
- Pop-ups can be moved
- UI design at the bottom has been changed
- Some functions of hot keys have been changed
* Keyboard “C” → Character information
* Keyboard “V” → Inventory
- Some functions of character & equipment window have been changed
- Command menu is removed
- Some functions through mouse right button have beeb added
2. UI Renewal
- Design and function of overall UI have been renewed.