MU Season 15 Part 2-1

Meet the New Power Hidden Underneath the Fog

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Special Chance Get your 3rd Mastery Earrings Now!

Illuminating Earring Box

You can get Earring of Wrath(Left/Right), Earring of Forefather(Left/Right) or
Earring of Glory(Left/Right) by opening the Illuminating Earring Box(Left/Right).
The options will be randomly chosen.
Only for the Limited Time Period!

Special Sales

Sales Period 26.01.2021 ~ 16.02.2021 Before Maintenance (UTC)

  1. Sales 1 Lapidary Stone Box Sales

    Lapidary Stone Box
    By opening the Lapidary Stone Box, you can get one Item from the list below.
  2. Sales 2 All-in-One Package

  3. Sales 3 Scroll Package

  4. Sales 4 Booster Box & BOL Sales

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