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Introducing the new class Gun Crusher Release

"A member of the MU Empire who survived through severe training. He has no will of his own and is loyal only to the MU Empire." Base : Gun Crusher 2nd Class Change: Gun Breaker 3rd Class Change: Master Gun Breaker 4th Class Change: Heist Gun Crusher Weapon : Magic Gun Main Stat : Energy


The Mu Empire secretly created the Imperial Order to overcome the disadvantageous position to the attack of the Kundun forces. A healthy boy from an orphan is kidnapped and subjected to severe training. Fisher, who had a strong gaze, passed the severe training of the Imperial Order. In the course of training, he eventually loses his ego and becomes an imperial order of loyalty to the Mu Empire. Fischer, appointed as the Imperial Order-Gun Crusher, is ordered to annihilate the monsters as his first mission and heads to Elbeland