MU Season 16 Part 1-3

Discover Your True Power Beyond the Lunacy of the Temple

14/09/2021 ~ 05/10/2021 Before Maintenance (UTC)

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Lapidary Stone Box Sales

Sales Period : 14.09.2021 ~ 05.10.2021 Before Maintenance(UTC)

By opening the Lapidary Stone Box, you can get one Item from the list below.


Make 3rd Mastery Earrings Yours!

You can get Earring of Wrath(Left/Right), Earring of Forefather(Left/Right) or
Earring of Glory(Left/Right) by opening the Illuminating Earring Box(Left/Right).
The options will be randomly chosen.

Elemental Capsule

Sales Period : 14.09.2021 ~ 05.10.2021 Before Maintenance(UTC)

By opening the Shining Errtel Capsule,
you can get one of 1st Mastery Errtel
(3opt/2opt/1opt) randomly.

(Errtel of Determination or Errtel of Passion)
  • You can get Elemental Talisman of Luck or Elemental Talisman of Chaos Assembly item by opening the Elemental Talisman Box.
  • You can get one item from the item list below if you right-click the elemental capsule from inventory after using the elemental capsule from in-game inbox(hot key: X)

Elemental Capsule Item list


Elemental Capsule Double UP Event

Best Chance to make the BEST Pentagram / Errtel Yours!

During the event period, the chance of getting 1st Mastery Pentagram / 1st Mastery Errtel /
Errtel of Radiance from an elemental capsule will be doubled.

  • Even if you purchased an elemental capsule during the event period, the event probability will not be applied when using after the event period.

Pink Scroll Package

Sales Period : 14.09.2021 ~ 05.10.2021 Before Maintenance(UTC)

  • [Normal/Master] Pink Scroll
    Package(3Days / 7Days)
    3Days 7Days
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