New Item Giveaway!

Season 8 Update Celebration

Promotion Period : March 6 17:00 ~ March 20 15:00 (GST)

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In celebration of the Season8 Update of MU, we have teamed up with several partner websites to award a variety of new items! To receive your rewards, kindly follow the detailed instructions below:

Input your Free Item Code (16 digit codes)

For Returning Players

Who haven’t logged in to MU Online since Feb 6, 2013 GST

For New Players

Who started playing MU Online since Mar 6, 2013 GST

Buy E-Pin Codes and obtain Rare Item rewards!

  1. Purchase Period : March 6 17:00 ~ March 20 15:00 (GST)
  2. Rewarding Period : March 20 17:00 ~ March 27 15:00 (GST)
If you purchase any amount of E-Pins during the Purchase Period from our selected Event Partners (You may view the list of event partners below), you will receive a bonus lottery box during the Rewarding Period!
Do not miss the chance to be the owner of rare items!
Input your E-Pin Code! (25 digit codes)
The Enter button will be disabled during the Purchase Period.

For All Customers

One of items below will be randomly awarded into the winner's INBOX

What is a rare item ticket?

For 3 Lucky Customers

One of the new items below will randomly awarded into the character's inventory on March 20, 2013 (GST)
The announcement of the winners' list will be posted at the MU homepage on March 20, 2013 (GST)

What are new items?