Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Mini-game Ranking Event

Top 100 ranked get special prizes!

Event Period:
  • 2016.11.22 after maintenance ~ 2016.12.06 00:00 (UTC)
  • 1st Weekly Ranking: 2016.11.22 after maintenance ~ 2016.11.29 00:00 (UTC)
  • 2nd Weekly Ranking: 2016.11.29 00:00 (UTC) ~ 2016.12.06 00:00 (UTC)
Rank Announcement:
  • 1st: 2016.12.02 (UTC)
  • 2nd: 2016.12.09 (UTC)
Latest Update: 2022/07/01 19:00 Rank will be updated hourly.
Rank Character Name Score
Event Rewards:
  • 1stAncient Dark Angel Full set
  • 2~3rdBloodAngel Weapon [+3 Option +Luck]
  • 4~10th500 Ruud
  • 11~30thAncient Hero’s Soul
  • 31~50thPink Panda Ring 7days
  • 51~100th(Bound) BOL(Greater) X 10


• To claim the 1st~3rd reward, please submit CS ticket by 12/09(UTC)
• Make sure to use all your card bundles and pieces before the end of the event. You can’t use them after the event ends.
• Your score is deleted if you change your character name or move to a new server.
• Weekly ranking scores are updated daily.
• Weekly accumulated ranking scores are reset on 00:00 (UTC).
• Weekly ranking event is determined by the accumulated score for the week and the item is distributed to the server with the user’s nickname.
• Item distribution schedule and method made public at the time of the announcement.
• In addition to the ranking event, an in-game event is held by 2016.12.06. maintenance.
• This schedule is subject to change.

Returning Users Event

Special prize for returning users!

Event Period: 2016. 11. 22 after maintenance ~ 2016. 12. 06 before maintenance

How to claim reward:
MU Xshop> Shop > Special > Returning User Package
Or Go to shop


Returning User?
• No login record from 2016.5.1(UTC) to 2016.10.31(UTC)
• Login recorded between 2016.11.01(UTC) to 2016.11.14(UTC)
• Returning User Package available for purchase for 0 Wcoin if you meet the definition of a returning user.
• Returning User Package must be used by 2017. 01. 31. Unused items are deleted.
• Character Level above 80
• This schedule is subject to change.

EXP & Ruud Burning Event!

During the event, you get an additional 30% EXP from hunting.

You get an additional +100% Ruud at the EVENT MAP.

Event Period: 2016.11.22 after maintenance ~ 2016.12.06 before maintenance


• EXP : Gained EXP from the event map reward is not listed.
• Ruud : Ruud from other events is not increased.