Limited Seed Capsule Sales

  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Ice
  • Earth
  • Seed Capsule X1 (Water/Fire/Lightning/Wind/Earth/Ice)

    Seed Capsule x 1


  • Seed Capsule X10 (Water/Fire/Lightning/Wind/Earth/Ice)

    Seed Capsule x 10


  • Seed Capsule X55 (Water/Fire/Lightning/Wind/Earth/Ice)

    Seed Capsule x 55


How to Use Seed Capsule:
Buy Seed Capsule > X-shop inventory > Use Seed Capsule>
Right-click Seed Capsule in your inventory >
Get 1 item from the list below.


• Seed Capsules are available at MU Online official website > Shop > Special category.
• Socket Items are obtained according to claimed character class.
• For +9 Item +Luck +skill with max socket slot, skill is applied normally
• For DK, MG, and Elf classes, item is given according to character’s stats when using a Seed Capsule.
• Ex) Elf (Agility:2000, Energy:100) when using a Seed Capsule, you get a Seraphim from the Seed Capsule.

Seed Update Special Event 1

1) Chance for a Bonus Seed Sphere,

make one level 10 Seed Sphere, get one more free!

The first five users to reinforce a level 10 Seed Sphere on a Facebook sub mission get an additional level 10 Seed Sphere of their choosing.

2) Chance for an Upgrade,

Exchange a level 9 Seed Sphere for a level 10 Seed Sphere.

The first ten users to reinforce a level 9 Seed Sphere get an upgrade to a level 10 Seed Sphere.

How to participate:

• Go to Facebook – Event Note “Seed Special Event’.
• When you are qualified the event benefit, please upload Server/Character Name/ Image on comment section.
• Prizes are awarded after 2016.12.06 (UTC).
• One prize per user. In the event a user qualifies for both prizes, the bonus Seed Sphere is awarded.
• This schedule is subject to change.

Seed Update Special Event 2

During the event, Jewels aren’t consumed when you equip or extract a Seed Sphere.

  • Jewel of Creation
  • Jewel of Chaos
  • Jewel of Harmony 5EA
  • Jewel of Guardian
  • Jewel of Chaos 5EA

Special Package

Normal All-in-one 7days


Normal All-in-one 30days


Master All-in-one 7days


Master All-in-one 30days


Bless of Light


Card Box